Can't connect inside my network

Can't connect inside my network
Can't connect inside my network
2020-08-06 19:00:01 - last edited 2020-08-06 19:01:20
Model: TD-W9970
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: v0076.0 build 200228 Rc.41086n


I have this random issue with this model where 

I can't go to an ip in the network (like other router or repeater or Dvr ) 

I have this device as a modem and wired to TD-W8961N as router and there's an AP as repeater for the second router 

And when I'm on the modem wifi sometimes randomly i can't get to them until i reboot  all of thim 

Thank you 

Extra info

So modem as

And router with dchp on relay and ip 

And repeater(tl-wa701nd) with dchp off and ip and getway set to ****.1.3

And surveillance systems with and port forwording for ddns 

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Re:Can't connect inside my network
2020-08-07 07:47:39



Thank you for your patience.

For your case, could you please help us check the following information:

  1. For the network map,  is it like:

 ISP—TD-W8961—TD-W9970(wireless router mode)—TL-WA701ND(Access point mode)?

(Is TD-W8961 on the DSL modem router, or bridge modem?)

or  ISP—TD-9970—TD-W8961—TL-WA701ND(Access point mode)?

  1. The problem you have, is not able to access the surveillance systems, router, and AP 701ND remotely(Or from WAN side)?
  2. May I know who is your internet service provider and what kind of internet connection did you set up, like PPPoE or Dynamic IP over DSL?
  3. Just curious, why do you want to set up the DHCP relay, and can I have a picture of the DHCP relay?

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Re:Can't connect inside my network
2020-08-07 22:49:04 - last edited 2020-08-07 22:55:36


Hey thanks for replying. 

Well , 

1) So the second option is the right one which is 

Isp- TD-W9970- TD-W8961N- TL-WA701ND 

2) yeah so when I'm on a browser going to any other device (while connected to TD-W9970) such as the other router so i can change something or reset it 

It just times out and so does my surveillance system it doesn't appear on lan ( only via ddns, i could see it from other port for online. 

(And it does randomly so somtimes/most the time i can log in) regardless of the device it happens, and if im using the modem wifi (td-W9970) but it never happen if on different wifi in the network 

3) it's called "callu" (middle east-palestine)and I'm on pppoe 

4) well i don't know actually.,i just had it on relay thinking it would fix and it kinda did for a while.

And recently i had this issue where I'm able to vist Facebook,YouTube only and no other website 

I called isp support and the fixed it but I have a really bad performance now after that.

Appreciate your time 



Re:Can't connect inside my network
2020-08-10 20:46:33
Can somebody help me ?
Re:Can't connect inside my network
2020-08-14 02:03:15


Good Day,

Thank you very much for your time and patience.

If you do not mind, please simply your network map like the following settings:

  1. ISP—DSL modem router TD-W9970---TL-WA701ND(access point mode);-----remove the TD-W8961 from the system;
  2. Disable the DHCP relay;
  3. Connect the surveillance system via Ethernet cable to by Wi-Fi to TD-W9970;

Then here is what you are going to set more:

  1. Test from the local LAN behind the TD-W9970 to see if you can access or ping the surveillance system;

And if you are trying to access from the WAN, there are more notices:

  1. Check the internet IP address on TD-W9970 and make sure it is a public IP address;
  2. Try to open the ports for the surveillance system;

Thank you very much~

Re:Can't connect inside my network
2020-08-14 10:43:08


Thank you for replying 

I know this issue sound weird but i know for fact that it's because of TD-W9970 

1-Unfortunately i can't git rid of TD-W8961N as the access point doesn't have enough range to deal with that floor 

2-I did turn off dchp relay (it didn't effect anything at all)

3-already did (it has been with ethernet to TD-W9970 from the beginning) 

1)a) affirmative,i can do that just fine as long i restart everything first

2)a) already did opened 88 and 7502 for the surveillance system 

It seems to happened when ever there's alot of devices connected to the main modem(TD-W9970) 

So when like there's 5 phones and 1 laptop and the surveillance and the access point it just can't keep up idk .but internet isn't effected 

It's so odd to be able to go from td W8961N  - TD-W9970 but not the other way around 

So from to

But on the main modem i can't go from -