Powerline 7010 speed is slow to the Mac

Powerline 7010 speed is slow to the Mac
Powerline 7010 speed is slow to the Mac
2020-08-28 22:38:58
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: ?

Hi.  I have an old mac pro and have connected a powerline TL-PA7010 to run ethernet to it.

According to the TPLink Utility, I'm getting 300-340 mbps between the powerline units, which is pretty much exactly as expected.


HOWEVER, the internet speed test results on the mac itself are closer to 100mbps or less.  Somehow over the final five feet I'm losing 2/3rds the datarate.


So I'm wondering if I have some setting issues that are causing poor communication between the powerline and my mac.  Or does this mean I have a conflict going on elsewhere with my router or modem?  I'm not sure where the bottleneck might be.  If the powerlines are measuring traffic accurately, then it seems it has to be my network setting on my mac?. The ethernet cards on my mac are old but they are Intel 82574L cards which are gigabit cards.  The powerlines are connected to an Apple Airport Extreme wifi router that is connected to a Spectrum modem.  There is iPv6 conflict apparently with Spectrum so I have iPv6 set to local-link on the Airport and I did the same for the ethernet connection on the mac desktop.


I'm kinda clueless on proper network settings so not sure what might need to be changed or tested beyond hit and miss.  To make matters worse, the Spectrum tech that installed the modem could not give me any information at all about proper DNS or other settings, so not sure anything is correct.


The rest of the house is running on the wifi network and getting around 300 mbps downloads on 5g.  Its just this hardwired mac that I can't figure out if I have something set wrong.  


Any advice?  Point me somewhere?  thanks!

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Re:Powerline 7010 speed is slow to the Mac
2020-08-31 06:54:09


Good day.

The 300-340M/s is the power-line rate between the two power-line adapter and normally, the final internet download speed would be 30-40% of the power-line rate;

Consider TL-PA7010kit are AV1000 which means the maximum power-line rate is 1000m/s; so the expected speed would be roughly 300-400M/s.

So now, the power-line rate is only 300-400m/s, 100m/s download speed is acceptable.

And the problem should be on the power-line rate.

In this way, if possible, please try to plug the two adapters into the same room, all unplugged to the wall directly, then you could check the power-line rate on the utility again to see how much power-line rate you could get;


By the way, May I know how long have you had the TL-PA7010KIT? Was the speed slow since you bought it?

Thank you very much and have a nice day.