AV2000 Powerline - Slow Wired Internet Speeds

AV2000 Powerline - Slow Wired Internet Speeds
AV2000 Powerline - Slow Wired Internet Speeds
2020-09-02 03:09:36
Hardware Version: V3
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Hi all!  I've used this community for years just reading and finding answers, but now I need some help (so I actually am posting my first post).


I bought two AV2000 Powerline adapters for my large home, as my wifi 6 is strong, but since I run mostly Macbooks, we don't yet have the Wifi 6 wireless adapters and thus I wanted more speed.  


I have spectrums gig internet (940 actually) and at the router level, I am pulling that (960 actually...somehow).  Wirelessly, without the powerline adapters, I am pulling 400-500 down and 40 up usually.  But, given the home security system (internal only - not Nest or other external), I wanted to pull more speed through my main station, and while most of it is great on the LAN, I am finding extremely slow speeds on the WAN.  


Using these adapters, and checking the utility, I can see that they are working well.  The TP-Link utility is telling me that I am pulling anywhere from 500 - 717mbps between the adapters.  That's solid in my mind, although I was expecting better, but I can't control the intricat electrical setup of the house.  BUT, when I go to the internet, and run speed tests, I am getting only 40mbps down and 30 up.  WTH?  How is that possible?


I checked my mac network utility and it says that I am pulling 1gig speeds on the LAN, with no dropped packets.  So between the Mac utility, and TP-Link's, I should be seeing MUCH higher internet speeds.  Or at least I thought. 


Any ideas why my internet speeds are so incredibly slow???  I am at a loss at this point and am about to send them back, as that kind of speed is not at all useful to me in my setup.  Thanks ahead of time for all of you who are smarter than I am!!!

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Re:AV2000 Powerline - Slow Wired Internet Speeds
2020-09-23 11:41:02


Good day.

Sorry for the delay.

Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Did you still have the same issue?

If yes, please help me check the following information:

  1. How long have you had the adapter and did the speed get slow since you bought it?
  2. Have you tried to reset the 9020P by holding the pair button for 10s and pair again to have a look?
  3. If the two adapters are put next to each other(maybe disconnect from the router as well), would the powerline rate get much higher since now it is less than 40%?
  4. Were they plugged next to some large appliances?

Thank you very much.