MR600 - CA with qualcomm snapdragon X12 Modem

MR600 - CA with qualcomm snapdragon X12 Modem
MR600 - CA with qualcomm snapdragon X12 Modem
2020-10-14 03:48:00
Hardware Version: V1
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Hi @Sunshine  @Kevin_Z 


I see that MR600 houses a powerful Qualcomm 4g LTE X12 modem, which supports 4XM MIMO up to 256-QAM.


But, in the real-world when I connect MR600 it doesn't establish an LTE CA connection. Whereas a cheap android phone is able to establish a 3CC CA connection. 


I own an MR600 and am evaluating whether to switch to a Huawei router for CA support. So, I went to evaluate the hardware specs and found MR600 has Qualcomm X12 which is capable of higher orders of CA. 


Why is tp-link under-utilizing the router hardware and is giving a bad customer experience? This is just a bad return of investment for the router owners. Why are you not paying attention to numerous requests on this forum about MR600?  



For everyone's reference, below are X12 capabilities as per Qualcomm's website.


Cellular Modem

Chipset: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X12 LTE Modem, Snapdragon 821 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 820 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 675 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 670 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 665 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 636 Mobile Platform, Snapdragon 630 Mobile Platform

Multi SIM: LTE Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)

Next-generation Calling Services: VoLTE with SRVCC to 3G and 2G, Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) with LTE call continuity, Native HD video calling, HD Voice over 3G and VoLTE, CSFB to 3G and 2G

LTE Category

Downlink LTE Category: LTE Category 12

Uplink LTE Category: LTE Category 13

LTE Downlink Features

Downlink Carrier Aggregation: 3x20 MHz carrier aggregation

Downlink LTE MIMO: Up to 4x4 MIMO on one carrier

Downlink QAM: Up to 256-QAM

LTE Uplink Features

Uplink Technology: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Upload+, Uplink Data Compression (UDC)

Uplink Carrier Aggregation: 2x20 MHz carrier aggregation

Uplink LTE Streams: Up to 2x 75Mbps LTE streams

Uplink QAM: Up to 64-QAM

LTE Speed

LTE Peak Download Speed: 600 Mbps

LTE Peak Upload Speed: 150 Mbps

Cellular Technology


LTE Technology: LTE TDD, LTE FDD, LTE-U, LWA, LTE Broadcast



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Re:MR600 - CA with qualcomm snapdragon X12 Modem
2020-10-14 14:43:44 - last edited 2020-10-14 14:46:04

@AP_Techie  @Sunshine @Kevin_Z 


This is exactly how I feel. The ROI by purchasing TP-Link MR600 is very poor for all Indian customers when they do not support CA (40A-40A) provided by Indian ISPs. We purchased believing your branding and promotion of this router in Indian market. 


The highest point of disappointment is they are not telling us if they will ever support or not. What is the point of having a top-class product that wont work?

Re:MR600 - CA with qualcomm snapdragon X12 Modem
2020-10-14 15:16:04

@Kevin_Z  @Sunshine If you are not going to support CA on MR600, Please acknowledge. 

It helps us move on, at the very least.


This lack of response only indicates lack of empathy towards your customers. It doesn't take much longer for dissatisfied customers to write honest reviews on e commerce websites, which are the main sales channel for high end routers. 


Today, I find myself in a tricky spot. A couple of my Indian friends asked me for a 4G router recommendation. I'm not sure whether you guys are really going to support 4G+, as advertised by your brand all over the e-commerce channels. So I tell them to look at Huawei.


So, you need not move any mountains for us. Just say yes or no. Thanks for your kind help!

Re:MR600 - CA with qualcomm snapdragon X12 Modem
3 weeks ago
Assuming the MR600 are similar to previous models, OpenWrt unlocks a web interface to adjust the LTE modem to some extent. Perhaps there is a way to break into this module in stock firmware if this is the case? And assuming that’s not all part of a proprietary part of the software.