Adding TL-WPA4220 v4.0 to existing Network

Adding TL-WPA4220 v4.0 to existing Network
Adding TL-WPA4220 v4.0 to existing Network
2020-12-08 19:03:58
Model: TL-WPA4220
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 4.0.3 Build 20190326 Rel.43406


I am trying to add a WPA4220 to an existing network, consisting of - 

TD-W9960 router, 2X BT mini-connectors (sorry!), 3X TL-PA4010P, and one WPA4220, all working perfectly and stable.

I have been trying to add another WPA4220 to extend the wifi access.

But, having followed the instructions to add strange things happen.

1. the new WPA4220 seems to clone the existing settings, name and password. Is this correct?

2. I can access the new extender wifi, but no internet access.

3. Having both WPA4220's on the rest of the network ceases to work. No connection through any of the wired powerline adaptors. TV STB, Hive etc. stop working.

4. Switching either of these off restores connectivity.

I have repeated this several times and done resets on both.


Any suggestions, please?





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Re:Adding TL-WPA4220 v4.0 to existing Network
2020-12-18 05:47:25


Good day.

Sorry for the delay.

Could you please help me check the following information:

1. Are all the 5 adapters paired to the same network(only one master adapter is connected to the home router)?

2. When the wired connection stopped working, how about the wireless connection?

3. As for the wireless password, please try to download the powerline utility and turn off the Wi-Fi move to have a look:


Thank you very much.

(please leave me a private message for notice in case I did not see the reply on time.)