Archer VR600 as router

Archer VR600 as router
Archer VR600 as router
2 weeks ago
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 0.2.0 0.9.1 v0074.0 Build 170504 Rel.68210n

Hello all

I must be missing something with setting up my VR600...

I use it as an access point connected to my main modem (which is also a router, non TP-Link) LAN to LAN.

It's the third TP-LINK device connected to the same main router (each one is connected as an access point with different wireless network name).

The other 2 devices are older ones (TL-WR841ND).

When the other 2 devices are connected, the allow me to connect both wire/wireless, and most important, the wireless option on the main router works also.

However, when I do the same steps on my VR600 (disable DHCP, set a new wireless network name), it won't work wirelessly, only wired.

Only if I switch off the wireless option on the main router, it will work on the VR600.

So to make a long story short.....:

Why do the VR600 behave differently from the older products?

Is there any way to configure it so both the main router and the VR600 works also wirelessly?

Thanks a lot

Nitzan Gertz

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Re:Archer VR600 as router



Hi Nitzan Gertz, this VR600 should be working with both wired and wirelessly when configuring into access point mode, please refer to the below setup video to reconfigure it one more time:


After the configuration, please check again if you can get the internet access when connecting to its wireless network. If not, please show us the IP address on the phone or laptop when they connected to the VR600 wireless network.


You can also change its wireless channel and channel width on the VR600 to make it distinguish from that on the main.