Powerline firmware, QOS and speed questions

Powerline firmware, QOS and speed questions
Powerline firmware, QOS and speed questions
2021-06-15 03:30:18
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

Hi TP-Link, 

Question 1: Is this device on the latest firmware?
Powerline: TP-Link TL-PA8010P KIT
Support page: Support Page (MY)
Current firmware as shown in PLC Utility:

1) Firmware version shown by the PLC utility has no similarity to the description in website. 
2) After downloading & unzip the firmware from website, the filename of the firmware has no similarity too
3) Can't compare which is newer firmware


Q2: Rgd QOS - i do not want to prioritize/de-prioritize any traffic (our usage is very mixed)
1) There is no option to turn off QOS
2) Which option is the best for mixed usage? "Internet" i presume
3) If correctly so, what traffic is prioritized/de-prioritized under "internet'? 


Q3: Other feedback
The connection speed build-up seem to be in stages (speedtest.net)

- The speed rises to 100Mbps and stays there for a few seconds. 
- Then goes to 150Mbps and stay a few seconds. 
- Then finally all the way up to max (150-180Mbps for my scenario which is yes)

- Direct LAN to router without powerline - almost immediately to max speed 400mbps


The link rate appears to be stable but the actual speed dropped since installation

- 580Mbps to 640Mbps reported in tpPLC 

- After installation, actual max speed 240Mbps

- Few hrs later, 180Mbps

- Now (and pretty consistently), (150-180Mbps)



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Re:Powerline firmware, QOS and speed questions
2021-06-15 12:05:26

@Andrew9876 Good day, 


Thank you for your detailed post. 

1>  Please doule check the hardware version of your TL-PA8010P, is it V3? It looks like your powerline KIT is on the V3  the latest firmware. 


2>  From my understanding 'Internet ' option in QoS the default option and does not prioritize certain traffic type.  You could select 'Internet' if you do not want to prioritize certain traffic type.

3> Normally the actual speed is among 20% -30% of the powerline rate showing on the tpPLC Utility and also limited by the speed coming from  router. 

150-180Mbps looks reasonable of your powerline rate is around 580Mbps to 640Mbps.