No connection

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No connection

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No connection
No connection
2021-06-29 00:55:27
Model: Archer VR2800  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

I have had this modem for over 2 years if not more. I have NBN fttn in NSW.

I have had no issues until now and to be honest I am no tech expert, but I believe nothing to be wrong with my vr2800. Only at moment no internet connection. 

Recently two of my email account was hacked. So was my Amazon account and eBay account.

So I changed all my passwords to all my accounts last week. Now today no internet connection. And I thought ok because I changed my password on emails I'll ring my provider up to see if my connection setting password was also changed. Yes it was. So I went into my browser to update my connection settings password on modem. Still no connection. 

With my ISP drop down list there is nothing in there to select than OTHER. 


MY network map shows 

INTERNET : disconnected

check the DSL settings such as VLAN ID. Contact your provider.







Primus were not willing to help me due to it not being a router they support.... 

 But the only thing that's changed is my password, I triple confirmed my password and username with him. 

So was my connection hacked.

Can some one please help. In lockdown and suppose to be working from home.... 


I find it weird to have no ISP list of servers in my drop-down menu in Quick setup or basic. Is it my end or primus end. Password were changed last week. But have had internet connection up until yesterday that I have noticed.

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Re:No connection
2021-06-30 06:29:33

@Dingdongdarna  Hello, 


We did some research and found  iPrimus  FTTN may need VLAN ID 100:


1. Plug the phone cable into the DSL port on the modem 

2. Run Quick Setup on Modem:


DSL type : VDSL 
VLAN ID:  100 
Connection type: try PPPOE as connection type and put in  your username and password (should be 100% right ) ; or try Dynamic IP 
Username: provided by ISP 
Password: provided by ISP 


If the above information does not work, please double-check all the above config information with iPrimus, including DSL line type, need VLAN ID or not, and the Connection type and forward the information to us. Please send us the photo of the Advanced-- Status --Whole Status page including DSL part. 

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Re:No connection
2021-07-01 08:58:25



Yes it's all up and running now.... 



THANK YOU for your assistance.





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