VR2100v (EU)

VR2100v (EU)

VR2100v (EU)
VR2100v (EU)
2022-02-27 16:32:22
Model: Archer VR2100v  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: Archer VR2100v(EU)_V1_210719

Hello there.

I did setup my new VR2100v (EU) today and Internet and IPTV works flawlessy but there is problem with VoIP.
Im from Croatia and my ISP is Hrvatski Telekom aka TCom.

VLAN ID for VoIP is 1405 with DHCP (IPoE)

I did setup everything correct for it and it registers with ISP fine and can make and receive calls.
But the problem is i only hear other side and other person doesnt hear me at all.

I tryed disableing/enableing NAT ALG and RTSP ALG and its still same.

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Re:VR2100v (EU)
2022-03-04 02:57:41 - last edited 2022-03-04 03:10:51


Hi, Frankly, I did not think this issue was related to the modem more like some settings on the VOIP phone have not been properly configured and the mute button is enabled, maybe.

Do you have this issue with other VOIP modems?

And have you ever checked whether the other person can not hear you for all the calls?

Except for the NAT/RTSP ALG, have you also tried to enable/disable SIP ALG?

Thank you very much.

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Re:VR2100v (EU)
2022-06-20 21:09:55

  @David-TP hi again

No i tryed everything you suggested.
ISP router works fine for VoIP but my VR2100v EU V1 doesnt.
Still same issue with one way audio.
Other side cant hear me while i hear them correct.

I used several other phones and checked if mute is on.
Probably its something about audio codecs used?
I can supply what audio codecs my ISP uses.

Is there a way to change VoIP locale to something else then Germany in GUI as i cant change it even if i try to set another Time Zone.
Is there any beta firmware for this VR2100v EU V1 that can help resolve it?



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