TP-Link Range Extender Setup (Range Extender Mode)

TP-Link Range Extender Setup (Range Extender Mode)

TP-Link Range Extender Setup (Range Extender Mode)
TP-Link Range Extender Setup (Range Extender Mode)
2022-03-16 10:40:14 - last edited 2023-10-12 10:34:11

Range extender wirelessly connects to Wi-Fi routers to expand the home Wi-Fi network and improve coverage. 


This Article includes:

  • Part 1:  3 Methods to Set up an Extender (Tether APP/Web UI/WPS button)
  • Part 2:  Tips for Making a Successful Installation 
  • Part 3:  How to Check if Range Extender Has successfully Connected to Wi-Fi router



Part1:  Video & FAQ Instructions


YouTube Setup Video: How to set up a TP-Link Range Extender


1. Setting up Your Extender via Tether APP

2. Setting up Your Extender via Web UI
Single-band RE: How to configure my 11N Range Extender via Web GUI?
Dual-band RE: How to configure my range extender via web GUI?

​​​​​3. Setting up Your Extender via WPS
FAQ: How to setup the range extender via WPS button?

Note: Range extender will copy the Wi-Fi SSID of your host network when using WPS button, therefore the default ‘TP-Link Extender XXX’ SSID will disappear after the connection is established. You could determine if the extender has connected to the Wi-Fi router successfully by its LED status as described in Part 3



Part 2. Tips for Making a Successful Installation

1. Ensure the correct Wi-Fi password is put in when setting up your range extender. 

  • How to Verify Router Wi-Fi password? 
    •  Forget router Wi-Fi on your mobile phone and manually input the Wi-Fi password to verify the router’s Wi-Fi password is correct. (Phone Settings > Wi-Fi > tap router's Wi-Fi SSID to forget network or Long press the network to delete the Wi-Fi profile).
    • Or check the Wi-Fi password on the router Wireless Settings page.


2. Factory Reset Your Extender Before Reinstallation 

  • RESET: With the extender powered on, use a pin to press the RESET button (pinhole) until all the LEDs flash once.


Part3: How to Check if Range Extender has Successfully Connected to Wi-Fi router





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