Archer MR200 - Outdoor 4G LTE Antenna

Archer MR200 - Outdoor 4G LTE Antenna
Archer MR200 - Outdoor 4G LTE Antenna
2022-05-26 22:46:25 - last edited 2022-05-27 14:29:22
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 1.19.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 210201 Rel.65731n

Hello all!
So ihave an TP-Link Archer MR200 4LTE Router.
I would like to increase the capacity of the LTE antenna and some thing is not really clear for me.
So I found a topic here about it and also i wached a several video it on youtube.
I read and found that possible to buy an outdoor LTE  4G antenna and connect to MR200 router,  but  i have some doubt about it.
So in one of previous topic somebody commented that using this external outdoor 4G LTE antenna to increase the power of the LTE antenna. ---> topic name-->  "New antenna for the ARCHER MR200 !" ( z
And i also found on ebay a recomended LTE  4G outdoor  antenna for MR200. --> (ebay*com/itm/163904686548)

what is not clear for me that these 4G external LTE antennas has an SMA  plugs so it is mean to be connected on the router where is the SMA WIFI plugs.
But there is only SMA plugs for  output for WIFI antennas.
If my knowledge is correct is not possible that these plugs are working as Wifi antenna output, and 4G receiver. Because the WIFI signal is an output but 4G is a receiver signal.

As i wached another video there is a guy disassemble a  Tplink TL-MR6400 v.3 router where is inside 2 build in LTE antenna and 2 Wifi antenna.
( )

So  if you connect the outdoor 4G LTE antena on the SMA underlaid on the router, what is meant to be for the WIFI antenna , how it  can really increase the signal of 4G LTE for the router??? 
I do not believe these  Wifi antenna outputs are able to handel the 4G LTE input signals as well .
But other wise that is not make sense if they selling this produc rather if it is working.
So please let me know, and explain me. Thank you


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Re:Archer MR200 - Outdoor 4G LTE Antenna
2022-05-27 03:02:09 - last edited 2022-05-27 14:29:22


Hi, welcome to TP-Link Community.
The Antennas might be different for different models or versions on the 4G Routers, for your Archer MR200 V4, the two external antennas are 4G LTE antennas instead of WiFi antennas, the WiFi antennas of MR200 V4 is inside the router.

Therefore, it is possible to replace the two external LTE antennas for MR200 V4.


Besides, The LTE antennas are mainly used to receive 4G signals from ISP by auxiliary SIM card. In principle, it’s not recommended to replace them, because the antenna is only used as an auxiliary, and the strength of 4G signals mainly depends on SIM card and ISP.

If you think that the original 4G antenna is not good enough to receive signals and insists on changing the antenna, please pay attention to the following information:

1). If you want to change, you must change two antennas at the same time, and the two replacement antennas should have the same specifications, because the two antennas work together. If you only change one of them, it will not achieve the desired effect, but the effect may be worse.
2). For the replaced antenna, the interface type needs to be matched. The interface type of the two external antennas is SMA plug, that is SMA male
3). The frequency range supported by the replacement antennas should be the same as the original antennas. The supported frequency range of MR200 V4 is 790-960MHz&1710-2690MHz
4). The distance between the two replacement antennas shall not be less than the distance between the original antennas.