EX230V Media Server

EX230V Media Server

EX230V Media Server
EX230V Media Server
2024-02-25 10:59:30



My new ISP (Internetty - UK) have provided me with an EX230V router for our new full fibre internet connection.


I was excited to see that the router contains a Media Server which is something that we have been missing. I bought a 250Gb USB drive and copied over all my media files to it. I enabled the media server on the router and it successfully picked up the new drive.


However - I can't find any usable documentation for the media server software. I need to know the file layout that it's expecting to see on the USB drive - as currently the 'Pictures' section is full of album art from my music collection - which makes it pretty much useless. I have all my pictures organised into folders on the drive, but the media server is ignoring those and creating it's own directory structure.


Is there any documentation available anywhere for this potentially useful feature?


Many thanks in advance.



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