Mesh Extender RE600x (High Latency)

Mesh Extender RE600x (High Latency)

Mesh Extender RE600x (High Latency)
Mesh Extender RE600x (High Latency)
2 weeks ago
Model: RE600X  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.0.11 Build 20230721 Rel. 34344

I manage a small WISP in Utah and have hundreds of customers on the tplink easy mesh system. I also have this at my home and have noticed an issue with the RE600x mesh extender.


My setup:

We do not use band steering and have separated the 5ghz and 2.4 networks and use almost exclusively the 5ghz network. I'm on a clean channel and placement is within -30db SINR of adjacent noise. Without my extender i see 200+ megs of speed with 17ms or less latency. However, i'm getting sub 50megs with 2000,3000ms ping going through it on the 5ghz. Of course changing channels on the 5ghz did not improve the situation. I also rebooted the extender.


I just factory reset the extender and am now getting the typical degradation you would expect of a little higher latency and a little slower speeds but nothing like before. Factory reset seemed to fix the issue...


WHY? This is a concern as i have sooooooo many customers on this equipment. can someone from tplink look into this>?


Hopefully this helps anyone else having latency or speed issues.


Steps to resolve:
stay on 5ghz, check different channel and worst case senario, factory reset!