TD8816 Cannot access Internet - 8 fixed IP

TD8816 Cannot access Internet - 8 fixed IP
TD8816 Cannot access Internet - 8 fixed IP
2015-07-23 00:13:13
Region : Argentina

Model : TD-8816

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :



I have 8 fixed IP with this ISP.

My goal is to get this modem to provide a redundant Internet connexion that will plug into my Sonicwall. But, I need to first ensure the modem is properly setup so I know the connexion is up.

Verified instructions I got from ISP : VPI 0, VCI 35, user name and pwd, encapsulation PPPoE LLC, then to make sure to disable NAT. I needed to enter the first IP of the block. Any other details, they were not sure or did not know about it.

What I did on the modem :

Desactivated all other PVC
Left the QoS default at UBR, unless mentioned, other settings were left default
Desactivated Bridge interface
IPv4 : Static, used the first IP of the block as the IP and gateway, mask : 248
Disabled NAT
Dynamic route : I tried various configuration here, not it is RIP2-M Direction : both Multicast : IGMP -V2
LAN settings :
Disable DHCP, have also tried placing the first IP of the block as the modem IP

How I configured the NIC on the test computer :
IP: One of the IP of the block
The first IP of the block that is the gateway per the ISP
Mask 248
DNS : Google DNS


ADSL Sync test passes
Link is down in the status page
ADSL light is stable, connection of the modem is stable and confirmed by ISP
Internet light will not come on the modem
No internet access on the computer
What I got in the log:

The only way the modem Internet light has come on and to get the link up in the status page was to set IPv4 on dynamic. When I do that, I get a different IP. The ISP tells me this is normal since when I connect to their service, their radius server will allow my static IP to connect.
But still no internet connexion on the computer.
Results in the log when this is set like that :

My question is then :
Am I missing something in my config ? Why can't I get Internet to work on that test computer ?

Do I just need to configure the static IP on the Sonicwall which will act as the router ?

Thank you very much in advance !

Cheers, Marcel
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Re:TD8816 Cannot access Internet - 8 fixed IP
2015-07-23 18:00:50
Read the article as below. Is it what you need to fulfill?
Multiple IP adresses
2015-07-25 22:52:13
Hi Mavis,

Thanks for pointing this out. I read that document, I would have done that if I did not already have a Sonicwall. I actually was able to sort my situation out with the help of TPLINK Support, I ended up setting the modem in bridge mode and did all the config in the Sonicwall. Cheers !