Problem band 2.4GHz Archer D9

Problem band 2.4GHz Archer D9
Problem band 2.4GHz Archer D9
2017-01-31 19:21:15
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I want to inform you about a problem that involves connectivity problems with the 2.4GHz wifi band.
After 2 weeks from the purchase of your product Archer D9 at amazon, some of my devices compatibles only with 2.4GHz wifis (and also the ones compatible with both bands) did not managed to find the 2.4GHz band anymore. Sometimes I achieved to connect to the 2.4GHz, but for a few minutes and sometimes I saw the 2.4GHz wifi but my devices couldn't connect to it reporting connection issues.
After doing several proves (resets, firmware actualizations, firmware reinstalations, switching off the 5GHz band, taking off the password, etc) trying to solve the problem with any result I call your client support center. They had no fucking idea about anything, they just told me to reset the device and did not give any better solution... I thought about returning the product, because it has 2 years warranty, but then I prove to switch from atuo-channel to fixed channel emission of the 2.4GHz band.
What a surprise! Just some of the channels of the 2.4GHz band are detectable and of these ones just a few are able to mantain the connection and do not give connection problems. In my case I fixed the emission channel to the channel 1.

P.D.: I live in a small village were I hardly detect sometimes the unique neighbour that has wifi in his house. So no, this is not a problem due to saturation of these channels, moreover my old router works at 2.4GHz and I am able to have connection in all the channels with it.

I just write this post in order to help costumers which have spent a considerable amount of money in a product that should work perfectly, and it does, but it cannot have these shitty problems, at least your costumer service should be aware of them and give better advises.