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By 2023-05-18 22:39:05


How can I port forward VPN. Or passthrough VPN. I am trying to forward UDP 1701 to my server. But it does not to work. I setup a server under NAT -} Virtual servers. But it does not seem to work. My V
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By Paul_B1 2019-09-12 16:22:20

EAP225-Outdoor doesn't like Cat6 cable?

Installed about 10m of Cat6 cable for an EAP225-Outdoor but can't get AP to work. It powers on and broadcasts SSID but does get an IP address from the router. Swapped it for a standard EAP225 and this
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By 2021-02-21 21:35:51

EAP225-Outdoor. Hardware fault. Smells like burning

I purchased a bunch of miscellaneous wifi hardware to use to help out individuals that have been forced to work and school at home. The initiative worked well. After everything was done I had a few le
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By 2021-01-30 20:10:25

Inter-vlan routing always on with TL-R605

I have the latest SDN Controller running on a VM. i have an access point. I have just added a TL-605 and im stuck with intervlan routing always on. I have vlan 1 with DHCP and DNS running on a windows
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By Stony 2020-12-20 11:10:22

How to stop inter VLAN routing on TL-R605 using OC200 controller (solved)

Hello, some days ago I received my TL-R605 to complete my system. I'm using two VLANs one for main usage and one only for internet access (guest and IOT devices). The only way to get 2 subnets incl. D