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By Mihu 2021-08-16 05:42:04

Deco M9 stops working when no DNS is available

I have a pair of Deco M9 plus units which operate in AP mode. DNS for the network they operate on is provided by a local server, so the network looks like this (= is ethernet, - is wifi) [MODEM] = = =
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By Gudrun 2020-10-26 21:45:04

Turn off wifi radio

Is it a way to turn off the wifi on the Deco M4? I dont like the wifi active while I am asleep.
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By Oakmeister 2020-08-09 10:03:56

iOS14 and iPadOS14 WiFi - Private Address setting circumvents parental controls and possibly QOS

I've noticed a new feature of iOS14 which is to enable a wifi private address. This gives the iphone and ipad a random and regularly renewing Mac address. This is done to make it harder to track devic
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By 7dwergen 2019-07-29 07:11:17

Block unknown devices on Deco M9 - user changes MAC address to fool parental controls

Hi all, I've been using the Deco M9 Plus for a couple of days now and I'm very pleased with it. The wi-fi is excellent in whole our house. And especially the parental controls are very valuable too to