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By thelinkuser Saturday

PX50 with longer power cable (no PCL logo in Deco app)

Hi, I have three Deco PX50's working with Starlink (with the Starlink router in bypass mode). All of my devices except the "main" Deco show PCL is being used via the Deco app. The device without PCL i
Forums/ Deco
By JosePedro 2024-01-06 05:17:45

One Deco PX50 is not using PLC, only Wi-Fi

As you can see on the map, one of the Deco PX50 is only using Wi-Fi even If plugged next to the one that uses PLC+Wi-Fi. Is this expected?
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By FHR 2 weeks ago

PX50 - How to force a unit to use the powerline as the backhaul connection.

How to force a node to use PLC rather than wifi. Since the most recent firmeware update they always use wifi even when there is a very weak signal.
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By Alexmesh 2023-12-16 23:31:58

"The people's bank of China" entry in Deco logs - Mirai botnet infects Deco?

What on earth is going on here? The People's Bank of China line is very concerning along with the Deco connecting to an external IP address. Sat Dec 16 18:03:09 2023 daemon.err uhttpd[6052]: ./vh: lin
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By AlexMor 2023-12-14 18:01:41

PX50 doesn't work with iphone 15 pro/ pro max

Iphones 15pro and 15 promax connect to a mixed network, but are always at 2.4 ghz. If I give them a priority of 5 ghz, then they lose the network and no longer connect. Until I make a 2.5+5 ghz networ
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
By Alexmesh 2023-12-16 00:38:28

Allow for Deco LED fault codes to come on even during LED timer off periods

I would like to be alerted to a fault condition at all times via LED but I don't want the normal green light to be on all night to see them, is this already a feature or will it need adding as one?