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By Steinhaugen 3 weeks ago

Both my LG Smart TV's keeps buffering after switching to DecoXE75

Hello TP-Link Community Since I've changed my network equipment from ASUS to TP-Link DecoXE75 I've had issues with buffering on both my LG Smart TV's when watching Disney+, Netflix and other streaming
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By sasmedia 2023-09-04 14:20:57

Deco X75 Pro v2 , Able to receive Matter or Thread?

Hi Just changed from using Eero 6E mesh system to a Deco X75 Pro v2 system. So far so good. In speed especially using the 6E as the back haul. As I look at the IoT setup and Hue is listed.... Hue is r
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By Rvunen 2023-09-05 08:24:58

Deco XE75 PRO Update to firmware 1.2.3 build 20230810 Rel 35583 disables all WiFi networks exept 6E

Hi all When the Deco app proposed to upgrade my network (3 Deco xe75 Pro) to the latest firmware 1.2.3 build 20230810 Rel 35583 I said yes but after the reboot, all managed by the app, none of my norm
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By raven-au 2023-08-23 10:28:43

Initial difficulties with Deco XE75

I have recently got a Deco XE75 to check out. I have to say I like it but to be honest it's border line unusable. Here are some of my observations so far. 1) Constant message in the app: Something wen
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By SimonGA 2023-09-01 21:08:49

All Deco DSLs incompatible with Zscaler

I've managed to prove that the Deco X73 DSL doesn't work with Zscaler, which is a serious problem given that many companies use Zscaler. As soon as you put it into AP mode, and use the ISP modem for D
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By David-TP 2023-08-15 08:24:46

Improve Network Status and APP Control on Deco X50/X55

This Article Applies to: Deco X50/Deco X55_V1 Issue Description: In a large or high-density wireless network, usually, more than 3 Deco units are installed around the house to provide high network thr