Smart Home in the Deco APP

Smart Home in the Deco APP

Smart Home in the Deco APP
Smart Home in the Deco APP
2024-02-28 11:30:27 - last edited 2024-02-28 11:39:09
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Curious about the "Smart Home" feature in your Deco App? This article will explore the possibilities associated with the "Smart Home".


What you can do with “Smart Home”?

“Smart Home” feature provides a convenient gateway to smart living. Without the need for additional smart home apps, you can now directly add and manage smart devices. It has three parts:


  • Add Smart Device

There is no need to download and install individual apps for your smart devices like Kasa, Tapo, or Philips Hue, now, you can seamlessly add and setup smart devices directly within the Deco App.
How to configure the TP-Link Smart Bulbs/Plugs/Switches on the Deco App


  • Basic Control over the Smart Devices

Smart devices within the Deco App offer more than just a connected device display on the router’s client list. You can achieve basic control over the smart devices, such as on/off switches and Schedules.

  Basic Control under Smart Home
Smart Light Bulbs Turn ON/OFF
Adjust Brightness*
Adjust Color*
Energy Usage Display
Mesh Technology
Device Isolation
Smart Plug Turn ON/OFF
Energy Usage Display
Smart Switch Turn ON/OFF
Energy Usage Display


*Feature varies from device model, hardware, and firmware versions. To confirm whether your device supports certain features, check product specifications on TP-Link official website, or consult TP-Link technical support team.


  • Automation & Shortcut 

*This feature applies to TP-Link Kasa and Tapo devices only.

How to use the Shortcut function in the Deco app
How to use the Automation function in the Deco app

Control Smart Devices

Control one or multiple Kasa/Tapo devices

e.g. Turn On Bedroom light.

Control Network Devices

Adjust network device’s connection priority.

e.g. Set John’s iPhone as High Priority

Trigger List Time of Day

Run the automation at a set time

e.g. Turn On Coffee machine at 7:30 AM

Smart Device Status Change

Run an automation when the smart home device’s status changes

e.g. Turn off hallway lights when bedroom light turns on.

Network Device Status Change

Run an automation when a network device connects or disconnects.

e.g. Turn off TV when TV connects to the network. Delay Action 2 hours.

Action Control Smart Devices

Control one or multiple Kasa/Tapo devices

e.g. Turn On Bedroom light.

Control Network Devices

Adjust network device’s connection priority.

e.g. Set John’s iPhone as High Priority

Send Notification Deco Send an App push notification when the automation is triggered





1. Smart Devices that could be added to "Smart Home"

Tapo/Kasa Smart Plug, Smart Bulbs, Smart Switches
Philips Hue Light Bulbs
Matter Device* Smart Switches, Smart Bulbs, Smart Plugs
*A Matter-enabled main Deco is required to add Matter devices


2. Deco that supports “Smart Home”

Product Line  Supported Models
AC Series Deco M5, Deco M1300, Deco P7, Deco M9 Plus.
AX Series Deco X20, Deco X60,Deco X68_V2, Deco X90, Deco 50, Deco X55, etc.
AXE Series Deco XE5300, Deco XE75, etc.
BE Series Deco BE85, Deco BE95, etc.


3. Why does Deco APP report "The current firmware version of the Deco router is not supported. Please check if there is a newer version and update before continuing" when adding a smart device?

To enhance device security, Tapo and Kasa recently upgraded to the new security protocol, KLAP. However, some models of Deco routers have not yet synchronized with this protocol. KLAP will be added gradually through firmware updates on Deco. 

Deco models that supports KLAP: X20_V4, X20-4G_V2, X50/X55_V1/V1.2, X60_3.0, BE95_V1, BE85 V1/V2



4. Can I sync already-configured smart devices in Tapo / Kasa App to the Deco App?

Yes. Please make sure smart devices are bound to the same TP-Link account and connected to the Deco WiFi.


5. Why do some of my Tapo/Kasa devices display a generic device name in Deco App instead of the custom device name set in Tapo/Kasa App?

The device’s name in Tapo/Kasa App can only be synced to Deco App if the devices are supported by Deco Smart Home feature and have been added to the Deco Smart Home list. 
If the custom device name is not synchronized, please try to manually edit the client name on the Deco APP-How to change the name of the client on the Deco app


6. How many devices can be added to Deco Smart Home?

•    Up to 32 devices can be added if the Deco firmware is released before May 2023.
•    Up to 64 devices can be added if the Deco firmware is released after May 2023. 
* The device quantity refers to the number of controllable units. For example, if a device is a 6-outlet power strip, it will be considered as 6 devices.



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3 Reply
Re:Smart Home in the Deco APP
2024-02-28 21:32:30

Hi  @David-TP,

I have the XE75 Pro x3 and Tapo GU10 bulbs and P110 plugs, however since the firmware updated on the smart devices to 1.30 etc.. the smart devices are now unusable constantly flickering between on/offline. I guess this is because of the KLAP update.  Do you know what version is required for the XE75 Pro to work with the new KLAP security?

Re:Smart Home in the Deco APP
2024-02-29 06:13:25


Hi, Nice to see you again.

I'm not quite the exact version. Like Deco X50, It hasn't been added until 1.4.x.

The engineers didn't mention the lack of KLAP might cause any stability issues so I don't think they are related.

Have you ever downloaded the Tapo APP?  The client status of Deco sometimes are not accurate, a little delay occasionally.

I see your model is Deco XE75 Pro_V2 and if the Tapo plugs are working well when Deco APP reported they were offline, I think you could try to install the beta firmware here to see whether it helped:

Optimize The Overall App Experience on Deco XE5300/XE75/XE75 Pro

Thank you very much and best regards.


Re:Smart Home in the Deco APP
2024-02-29 08:06:33 - last edited 2024-02-29 08:08:25

Hi  @David-TP,


Yes I have been using the Tapo app for a while, as the Deco app does not allow my Tapo devices to integrate with other smart home systems like Google or Samsung Smarthings, meaning I have to use both apps.


The Tapo app continued to show the Tapo device accurately, however in the Deco app the device would go offline every time I tried to interact with it. 

This only started to occur once the Tapo P110 device upgraded to version 1.30.

I tried to remove the device from both apps again but then faced the error about my router firmware does not support the device yet whilst adding the device in the Deco app.



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