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By GoKiwi 2023-11-19 08:11:53

TP-Link android deco upgrade lost all settings

Hi, Upgraded my Android Deco software to V3.0 tonight, it's lost all config and wants me to start from scratch. This is Not happening, no warning that settings would be lost after the upgrade or that
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By Sleater14 2021-02-10 13:23:33

Parental control doesn't work properly

Hello I hope you can help me with this problem. Parental control doesn't work I want to set a schedule so that no child doesn't have internet access at night, when I set the schedules works well but a
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By ceepeearr 2020-10-29 13:29:44

Changing Deco M9 Plus to be connected to modem only rather than modem / router

I recently set up 3 Deco M9 Plus units to provide WiFi coverage around the house. To do this, I turned WiFi off on my Netgear Modem/Router and connected the main Deco via Ethernet. I've since found ou
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By RandoMesher 2020-10-28 14:27:07

Can someone explain how the Deco are supposed to improve wifi signal?

I wanted to get a stronger wifi signal in my bedroom. My router is in the living room. I installed Deco M9 plus - one attached to the router with a cable, and the other in the bedroom. The wifi signal
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By Sleater14 2020-10-28 15:16:47

Manually choose the nearest deco

I would like to know if the option to choose which deco I can connect to will be available in a future update, it is very annoying that certain devices connect to the main deco considering that I deco
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By Desiest 2020-06-22 16:21:22

turn off wifi on one deco

Hi, New user here. I have Deco M9+ (3 set) at home. Main Deco unit is in living room with ISP end point and second Deco is in use for home office 15 ft away. I need it there to provide ethernet to pri