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By Bebe1980 2024-02-04 00:13:10

EAP110 Outdoor firmware upgrade 5.0.7 Release Note ?

Hi, can someone give me the link to the release note of the firmware upgrade 5.0.7 thanks.
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By Bebe1980 2024-01-27 08:16:47

Omada Controller 5.13.23

Just to say I am really enjoying using version 5.13.23 Been about 4 years since I started and this version has given me no headaches whatsoever!
Forums/ WiFi
By Bebe1980 2023-10-29 13:33:34

Time Range Profile not working properly

Hi, I think this is really a question about Omada Controller... I'm using version v5.3.1 I have two Wireless Networks set up with two Time Range profiles: wireless network A starting at 5 am and finis
Forums/ General Discussion
By Bebe1980 2023-08-09 03:02:06

Lot's of Bandwidth but Slow Loading of Pages

Hi All... I have a fiber connection with the ISP (approx 350mbps 7ms ping according to Ookla). 4 EAP 225's and about 50 connected users to Omada Hotspot WIFI when it's busy. (In addition to the 50 use
Forums/ WiFi
By Bebe1980 2023-01-27 12:36:53

Broadcast Message

Hi... I am using a few EAP225's to provide wifi to family and neighbours - I have the Omada Controller running on a pc. I use a switch to connect the aps to an TPLink Archer C7 router. I also use that
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By Bebe1980 2022-06-10 14:49:21

Omada Controller 5.3.1

I've just upgraded my Omada Controller ... to 5.3.1 running on a windows 10 pc Is there an easy way to go back? It doesn't automatically restart after a power outage, it's just crashed for no apparent