No activity notifications

No activity notifications
No activity notifications
2020-12-17 12:41:31
Model: KC120
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 2.3.3



a few weeks ago most of us encountered a massive problem where no cloud notifications or local notifications would come in. The outage was for hours if I remember right.  

I woke up this morning to the same thing happening across all 3 KC120's. 


Is anyone else experiencing this problem also?

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Re:No activity notifications
2020-12-22 09:05:17


Good day.

Sorry for the delay.

When you open the APP, would there be any video clip stored under the activity?

--if not, please try to adjust the sensitivity level and modify the activity zone again on the camera;

And if there is video clip but no notification, would you please re-install the Kasa APP and make sure it is up to date;

If possible, please also test on another mobile phone to have a look


Thank you very much.