KL430 Transition Effect Command

KL430 Transition Effect Command
KL430 Transition Effect Command
2022-04-25 22:38:30
Model: KL430
Hardware Version: V6
Firmware Version: 2


I'm still working with developers on a 3rd party connection.  We have all features for the KL430's working including the effects.  We seem to be having trouble with the transition commands.  The functionality in question should be able to transition the lights either on/off or to another state.  We can tell the lights are expecting this information and we wan't to provide it in the format the KL430's want but we're having trouble determining how the lights expect to receive the command.

This is the only feature of the lights we can't get working and I think it's just because we don't have documentation for the command.  Can you tell me what the strips are expecting for the transition command:

File "/home/kevin/python-kasa/kasa/cli.py", line 361, in brightness
click.echo(await dev.set_brightness(brightness, transition=transition))
File "/home/kevin/python-kasa/kasa/smartdevice.py", line 104, in wrapped
return await f(*args, **kwargs)
File "/home/kevin/python-kasa/kasa/smartbulb.py", line 317, in set_brightness
return await self.set_light_state(light_state, transition=transition)
File "/home/kevin/python-kasa/kasa/smartbulb.py", line 194, in set_light_state
light_state = await self._query_helper(
File "/home/kevin/python-kasa/kasa/smartdevice.py", line 272, in _query_helper
raise SmartDeviceException(f"Error on {target} {cmd}: {result}")
kasa.exceptions.SmartDeviceException: Error on smartlife.iot.lightStrip transition_light_state: {'err_code': -2, 'err_msg': 'member not support'}