REQUEST: Schedule a repeating action every hour

REQUEST: Schedule a repeating action every hour
REQUEST: Schedule a repeating action every hour
2022-05-20 18:34:38
Model: KP303
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

I would like to have something turn on every hour for 15 minutes.  The app only allows 31 entries per device and since you need 2 entries for every on-off cycle it is necessary to have 48 entries to have a device cycle 1x every hour. Apparently, this was a request that was made in 2018.  5 YEARS AGO (Request here)!!!! 


How difficult must it be to code the following?

1. Select a start time

2. Select the length of time the outlet is powered

3. Select the interval (two dropdowns: one with numbers another with hours, days, weeks, months, years)

4. Save.


At least increase the number of slots available to program individual on-off commands for each plug to 48.  Who decided that 31 would be a good number?  Did no one think that people may want something to turn on once an hour for an entire day? Come on.

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Re:REQUEST: Schedule a repeating action every hour
2022-05-23 01:51:55

Hello   @However 

Thank you for the feedback with  repeating an action every hour.  Can you share the user case with usas well  e.g what devices are connected to the smart plug to use this action? 

I have thread Smart plug feature request - repeat schedule action each X hours/minutes moved to Kasa Feature Request board, so user has the same request could comment below again, you could also leave a common and user caser below , that will help us gather your feedback and share with our team for  evaluation.

Here in summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Kasa you could find the most popular feature requests and go to corresponding threads and vote for them. 







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