​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Kasa


​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Kasa

​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Kasa
​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Kasa
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2022/9 update

Added [Kasa Plug]:Reset Energy Usage Data :  reset energy monitor in kasa app into popular feature request list. 




This thread summarizes the most popular ideas and feedback of Kasa products submitted by the community members. Browse and upvote for your loved features!



Features Implemented


Features Topics in Community
[Kasa APP] 2FA/ Two-Step Verification

Introducing Two-Step Verification (2FA) for the Kasa App

two-factor authentication for kasa accounts

[Kasa Switch]  Kasa Smart Action Auto-off Timer FAQ  Common questions about Smart Actions in the kasa app
Kasa/HS200 Feature Request - Turn off X Minutes after Turned On
[Kasa APP] Sunset/ Sunrise Offset Feature

FAQ:  How to use offset and fade rate feature when schedule sunrise and sunset in Kasa app

Need Offset Time capability

[Kasa Cam] Download Video Clip from SD card
Video:   Downloading a Recorded Clip from a Kasa Camera - YouTube


Under Consideration


[Under Consideration] Having to run Kasa and Tapo app for different devices


Note: 'implemented' & under consideration'  label could mean a feature has been supported on certain model(s)/ hardware version(s) and may not cover whole product line,  click corresponding thread to check detailed status of a feature. 



Popular Feature Requests


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Global Community



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Welcome to Feature Request Board for Kasa



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