Welcome to Feature Request Board for Kasa

Welcome to Feature Request Board for Kasa
Welcome to Feature Request Board for Kasa
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Welcome to Feature Request Board for  Kasa products!


This Feature Request board was created for users to leave feedback, ideas, and suggestions regarding Kasa products.


How to submit a Feature Request?

  • You are suggested to view all of the existing ideas first to join the discussion, upvote, or add kudos for great ideas instead of posting a duplicate. If you don't see your idea, you can submit it by clicking Start a New Thread
  • When posting a new thread to share your ideas, please keep your ideas constructive and provide as much detail as you can. It will be perfect if you can explain how do you want to use a feature with a practical example, or how a suggestion would help or resolve a problem for you. That helps us have a better understanding of the need behind the suggestions., and it's then available for other members of the community to browse and vote on.


What could affect the implementation?

TP-Link values all the ideas and feedback for our products. Ideas with the most kudos or upvotes will always warrant the most attention from the decision makers. We will also take note of those explicitly requested and "Good Ideas", and surely bring them forwards to the decision makers. They would incorporate our customer feedback together with other factors like product vision and roadmap, market research, development resources, and more when deciding which features to build and how to prioritize them. Most of the time, support can’t guarantee the implementation of a feature and may not be able to provide a detailed plan or estimated date for that, thus we won't typically chime in on feature request discussions.


Stage of a Request

  • Implemented. This means the feature has been added to the product category, or to the model (s) requested in that thread.
  • Under Consideration. The feature has been brought forwards to the decision makers and has been planned. But please be aware that "Planned" or "Under Consideration" is not a guarantee, and TP-Link reserves the right to modify this stage at any time without notifying the poster or follower in the thread.
  • Future Consideration. The feature hasn't been yet brought forwards to the decision makers, but that is a good idea from a customer's point of view, we will do more market research then decide if this can be brought to the requested model.
  • Declined. Request has been declined and refused by the decision makers.


As always, TP-Link appreciates your feedback and participation. You are what makes this Community great!

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iPhone app doesn't allow for viewing speed of recordings, forced to watch at a slow speed. App for MAC has no controls for camera, only viewing