Tapo C200 unstable network

Tapo C200 unstable network

Tapo C200 unstable network
Tapo C200 unstable network
2022-09-30 10:56:49
Model: Tapo C200  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: latest


Just received 2 C200 cameras today and they initially worked fine after setup however, it has been showing a "network unstable" error message. I have checked my internet network and wifi signals etc. and they are all working fine. One of the cameras is sitting right next to the router and I also have TP-Link wifi extention for other devices including the new C200. all other smart devices work perfectly but these two brand new cameras just don't work. when I read the comments here and I realized this is a common issue for Tapo cameras. This is really disappointing. 

Can you please let me know what I can do to make them work or I should just ask for return or refund to save my time?



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Re:Tapo C200 unstable network
2022-10-01 09:51:37 - last edited 2022-10-01 09:52:09

Get that message lately very often too.
My guess is that this message (easy to misinterpret) actually refer to the tp.link network, not yours at home.
My suggestion is that tp-link/tapo technicians will look at their servers/network to see why they are running unstable and fix it a.s.a.p.
This creates also that camera lower its online resolution or even can not be connected from the internet.
As it is a security cam it is vital that there is very good connection with tapo servers and that yu have connection (i.e get alarm notifications) all the time.



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