tapo bulbs

tapo bulbs

tapo bulbs
tapo bulbs
2022-12-05 16:41:40
Model: Tapo L530B  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

Hi bought 2 bulbs to try great worked with alexa set up ok used for 2 days by then I was so pleased i had got another for last room very small bungalow nope before I even added new bulb next day alexa not conected to this lounge ?

ok after a weekend of turning bulbs on and off :( to try and reset took them out of tapo app yeah checked all still connected through alexa but of course no bulbs are added will not connect says can not connect to tapo device tried and tied but done every thing now and still can not get bulbs to reconnect 

We live in a small 2 beroom bungalow there is alexa in sewing room and echos in other rooms all working fine and checked 

I can not get any nearer to devices in only 6 inches away but nothing wated 4 hours today but still not working please advice 

thank you



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