Using Voice Commands with a Tapo Robotic Vacuum

Using Voice Commands with a Tapo Robotic Vacuum

Using Voice Commands with a Tapo Robotic Vacuum
Using Voice Commands with a Tapo Robotic Vacuum
2023-02-13 01:13:23
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Using Voice Commands for Tapo Robotic Vacuums


“Alexa, Ask Tapo Vacuum to Vacuum After 8:00 PM”

“Alexa, Ask Tapo Vacuum Where It Is”

“Alexa, Ask Tapo Vacuum to Stop Cleaning”


As Robotic Vacuums have become more popular in households, so has the trend of giving your robot friend a name. We want to know what names our community members have come up with for their vacuums. Choosing a name can be difficult, as most users give their vacuums Human-Like names. Unfortunately, this can often cause your Voice Assistant to not recognize the command, and may even end up interacting with someone from your Contacts with a similar name.

For the best results, it is recommended that a relatively uncommon name is chosen for your device, this way, your Alexa will not confuse your command with attempting to text or call someone.  If you have difficulty, you may change the name of the device from either the Tapo or Alexa App.


As higher-end vacuums are released, which may include more in-depth mapping technologies, you will even be able to send your vacuum to a specific room or area to clean with commands like:


“Alexa, Ask Tapo Vacuum to Go Clean the Kitchen”

“Alexa, Ask Tapo Vacuum to Start Cleaning the Bedroom”

“Alexa Ask Tapo Vacuum to go Home”



Alexa Commands:

“Alexa, ask [Robot Name] to Start/Pause/Resume/Stop Cleaning”

“Alexa, ask [Robot Name] to Go Home”

“Alexa, ask [Robot Name] where it is or Alexa, where is [Robot Name]?”

“Alexa Turn On/Off [Robot Name]”


Alexa Hunches (Clean While Away from Home)

In case you did not know, the Alexa Integration for Tapo also takes advantage of the Hunches Feature from Alexa. A Hunch allows you to configure Alexa to take action when Alexa believes that no one is home or you have fallen asleep.

The available hunches for your Alexa Account, depend highly on what devices are connected to your Alexa Account.

With the new Tapo Robot Vacuums, Alexa can now automatically send your vacuum out to clean your home when your Alexa Home determines that there is no one available in the home.


Google Routines (Creating a Cleaning Schedule)

For Automated Routines Using Google Home, the process is slightly different. Currently, robotic vacuums are not available as an option for when your home detects users away or in the house. Instead, you can use the routines feature to schedule your vacuum to automatically clean at specific times, or based on other triggers. To do this, you must configure your vacuum with the above commands.

If you are having difficulty creating a routing with a schedule, you may need to use two commands to start the cleaning process. These commands will need to be manually entered, as if you were talking to your Google Assistnat. First, use a Command to Turn on the Vacuum, then use a second command to tell the vacuum to start cleaning.

Stay Tuned for More Information and Specifics on How To Integrate Your Tapo Vacuum with your Google Home and Alexa Smart Homes!





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