Introducing Tapo Vacuum Robot (Tapo RV10 Lite/ RV10/ RV10 Plus) 

Introducing Tapo Vacuum Robot (Tapo RV10 Lite/ RV10/ RV10 Plus) 

Introducing Tapo Vacuum Robot (Tapo RV10 Lite/ RV10/ RV10 Plus) 
Introducing Tapo Vacuum Robot (Tapo RV10 Lite/ RV10/ RV10 Plus) 
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If you’re the person who tends to sleep in on a Sunday morning, enjoy some time away from the cleaning routine, maybe it’s the time to think about some new stuff to share some hated housework and let the robot clean for you!


By the year of 2022, a brand new Tapo Vacuum Robot line was introduced to handle the vacuuming, mopping and even automatic trash packing for you. Let’s take a pick at the Tapo vacuum robot Tapo RV10 Series —— the entry level robots as your handy home helper.




Tapo RV10 Series

RV10 Lite 
 Robot Vacuum 


Vacuum and Mop Combo

RV10 Plus

Vacuum and Mop with Auto-Empty Dock



Tapo Robot Cleans for you!


Super-Slim Body, More Places to Go


With the extreme slim 3.09 inch (7.85 cm) body, it slides into low areas like space under a bed, cabinets, corners.


2000PA Suction power


Easily pick up scattered pet hair, dust or small pieces of daily debris.

HEPA Filter + Main and Side Brush


Captures 99.9% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns with HEPA fixture. The main and side brush combination pulls off more dirt and helps clean along the baseboard.


Four Suction Modes for Daily or Deep Cleaning


Select Standard, Turbo, Max (ideal for carpets, hard floors) and Quiet Mode (53DB: equivalent to the interior of a quiet car while driving) for daily or deep cleaning



Smarter with Robot Intelligence


Smart Dynamic Navigation


Infrared obstacle avoidance and gyroscope navigation, Zigzag Cleaning Path, fewer omissions and higher cleaning efficiency. 


Carpet Auto-Boost


Carpet Auto-Boost - Increases the suction power when moving from a hard floor to a carpet.


Anti-Drop Protection, Multi-stores Houses Friendly


The built-in cliff sensors intelligently detect the gap and prevent your bot falling from the stairs.


3 Hours Cleaning* and Recharge itself

3 hours cleaning* with every full charge. Returns to the charging dock when the battery gets low, and continue the work from where it leaves.

(*based on internal test by manufacture in )


Voice Control


With support of Alexa and Google Assistant, you can start the cleaning with a simple voice command



APP Control


Set your cleaning schedules, switch Quite/Standard/Turbo/Max cleaning modes and more features with easy-to use Tapo APP. Cleaning is even more simple.



What Else Can Tapo Robot Do?


Vacuum and Mop Combo —— RV10 or RV10 Plus


Armed with a water tank and mop pads, the RV10/RV10 Plus wipes your floor while vacuuming is taking place. Low, Moderate and High 3 water flows


Auto-Empty Dock —— RV10 Plus


Real hand-free experience with RV10 Plus’s 4L large capacity dustbin that lasts for 70 Days without emptying*

(*based on internal test by manufacture)




Q&As for TP-Link Robot Vacuum






  • Compare RV10/ RV10 Lite/ RV10 Plus


For a comparison of features between the RV10 series, see the table below


RV10 Lite


RV10 Plus

Size * Height

341 × 341 × 79 mm (13.4 × 13.4 × 3.1 in)



Max Suction Power




Vacuum Sound

53 dB -55 dB 



Battery Capacity





2.4GHz + Bluetooth



Barrier-Cross Height

2 cm



Auto-Empty Dock 



√ (4L Dust Bag)

Dustbin Capacity




Water Tank Capacity


Electric Water Flow Control 



Charging Base


Where to Buy

Available in Singapore, and will be available in more areas soon.

Please check if the vacuum robot is available in the local TP-Link website or Tapo website first, and visit local or online stores to buy.


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