Tapo Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Tapo Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Tapo Robot Vacuum Not Charging
Tapo Robot Vacuum Not Charging
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Tapo Robot Vacuum Not Charging


This article provides useful suggestions and troubleshooting guidance for the issue of Tapo Robot Vacuum being unable to charge. If you're experiencing a similar problem with your robotic vacuum, check out these tips to see if they can help!

This Article Applies To

All Tapo Robot Vacuum


Tapo robot vacuum returns to the charging dock but is unable to charge, and the device's battery level remains unchanged for an extended period.


Important Tips

It's essential to verify whether the robot vacuum has successfully docked with the charging station. Observe the LED indicators on both the vacuum and the charging dock after the connection to determine its success.


Understanding LED Signals for Tapo Robot Vacuum and Dock



Standard Charging Dock

Auto-Emptying Dock


Steady White

Steady White

Turns off after 10 minutes

Robot Vacuum Connected


Flash White Three Times






Robot Vacuum

Dock button/LED

Return for Charging Steady White

Pulsing Red/Orange/Green

Different Battery level: <20%, 20%~80%, >80%

Fully Charged

Steady White (RV30 Series)

Steady Green (RV10/20)



Troubleshooting Suggestions


1. Check whether both ends of the power adapter of the dock are plugged in.

2. Make sure the dock is placed on an even surface without any tilting. For the standard charging dock, check the bottom to prevent any foreign objects from causing uneven placement.

3. Ensure the LED indicators on both dock and robot vacuum change correctly.

4. Clean the charging contacts on the robot vacuum and the dock. Make sure the surface is free from any debris and the charging contacts are not stuck.

How to clean the charging contacts of my Robot Vacuum

5. Power cycle robot vacuum.

  • Disconnect the robot vacuum from the charging dock
  • Reboot the robot vacuum with the side on/off button


Contact local TP-Link Technical support with the following information if the problem still exists. 

1. Detail the steps you've taken to troubleshoot, along with any changes you've noted in the device's status.

2. Device's Mac address or SN number.

3. A video demonstrating the manual charging process: Start by manually locating the robot vacuum and capturing the connection process with the dock. Align the charging contacts and film the moment of LED changes on both robot vacuum and the dock.

4. Pictures of the charging contacts on both robot vacuum and the dock.

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