Please make the Tapo L530B Bulb a bit harder to reset.


Please make the Tapo L530B Bulb a bit harder to reset.

Please make the Tapo L530B Bulb a bit harder to reset.
Please make the Tapo L530B Bulb a bit harder to reset.
2023-12-13 07:01:44
Model: Tapo L530B  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.3.0



I've got five Tapo L530B Bulbs set up at home to manage my lights automatically when I'm away on trips or vacations. It's a handy way to give the impression that someone's home and enhance security.


However, there's a significant problem I've observed with these bulbs—they tend to reset on their own. I suspect it's linked to power fluctuations. Right now, the reset process involves turning the bulbs on and off three times and the power fluctuations in my area just seems to mimic a reset, unintentionally triggering a reset, causing the bulbs to lose settings, Wi-Fi connection, and control through the Tapo app.


The frustrating part is that once the bulbs reset, they stay on until manually switched off or re-paired with the app. This becomes a problem when I'm away, leaving the lights ON for days. Passersby can easily tell that no one's home, defeating the purpose of using the lights to create a false sense of occupancy. Additionally, the prolonged illumination consumes unnecessary power and shortens the bulb lifespan.


To make matters worse, these bulbs are quite easy to reset. Even my small child, during playtime, can inadvertently trigger a reset by turning the bulbs on and off more than three times.


I'm looking for a solution to make these bulbs less prone to resets. Ideally, they should remain connected to my home network and stick to the schedule despite power fluctuations, which are beyond my control. A firmware update addressing this issue would be greatly appreciated. I've already ensured that the bulbs have the latest firmware installed (V1.3.0). Also, all these bulbs are very close to my wifi router thus receiving very strong wifi signals (all of them have ~RSSI of -46 to -50) so I can assure they never go out of the network coverage. Plus all these bulbs and the wifi router are on a power backup. The power fluctuations are very minor but they cannot be considered as power drops.


Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter. I hope we can find a solution to make these bulbs more reliable for enhanced home security, otherwise I must say, I have to switch to other brand which offers more reliability.


Best regards.

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Re:Please make the Tapo L530B Bulb a bit harder to reset.
2023-12-20 12:02:56



Personally, i think the current mechanism for resetting the light bulbs is designed to be not easily reset, and increasing the difficulty of the reset might affect normal usage in other scenarios. For instance, raising the on/off frequency could be disastrous for situations where multiple devices need to switch Wi-Fi networks.


Frequent and extremely short-term power fluctuations can pose a risk of damage to both the light bulbs and other electronic devices.


It's very nice that you raise this point though. What do the others think about the reset mechanism of Tapo smart bulbs? Leave your comment below, vote for this thread if you have the same thoughts!

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Re:Please make the Tapo L530B Bulb a bit harder to reset.
2023-12-20 16:40:00

Hi  @Wayne-TP Thanks for replying back!


Certainly, I acknowledge that complicating the process of resetting the bulbs could potentially lead to usability issues. However, the current situation where they reset autonomously is causing a significant reliability issue, which I've observed across the majority of these bulbs. Essentially, my preference is for them to either be less susceptible to power fluctuations, or if power fluctuations are not the issue, it could be a bug triggering the resets. I'm uncertain about the exact cause, but I would certainly prefer to minimize instances of them resetting spontaneously.



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