Meet Brand-New Tapo 3.0 App

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Meet Brand-New Tapo 3.0 App


As a milestone in the development of TP-Link Tapo, we’re excited to introduce you to the new Tapo APP 3.0!

Kasa integration You can now add and control your Kasa devices in the Tapo APP! 

Brand-new UI designs New theme color and Home page optimization are ready for you to experience.


Better-looking  The brand-new UI brings a fresh visual experience


The new theme color was selected to enhance visual comfort. The new status page shows the same color as the light strip.




More ease of use. Optimized features and layout are more user-friendly.


Home Page Optimization

  • Room management Placed on the Home page now; it’s easier to find.
  • Categories integration Devices of the same categories are aggregated together. You can also reorder these categories.
  • Card design Freely switch between list review and grid view.


Status Page Optimization

The layout is optimized with a more reasonable division of functional areas.


More compatible. It supports the management of Kasa devices in the Tapo app.



Binding Add and bind Kasa devices in the Tapo app.

Control Check and control Kasa devices on the Home page of the Tapo app.

Interconnectivity Easily synchronize Kasa devices to Tapo App through quick authorization.


FAQ General questions about linking Kasa devices to Tapo App





What else does Tapo 3.0 bring to Kasa users?

Multiview (camera)

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple camera feeds for a comprehensive view.

Home/Away Mode (camera)

Adjusting camera settings to align with your presence at home or when you're away.



Activity Center (camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras


(Kasa Lighting)




What's new for Tapo users?

Android Widget

Device Quick Control, Device Status, Shortcut, Camera, Robot Vacuum

Group Control

Sunrise/Sunset for Smart Action

More Flexible! Sunrise, Sunset, and Sunrise/Sunset Offset are now available as an option for Effective time in Automation

Camera Privacy Mode Quick Control

Activity Center (camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras



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The new beta app looks much better and works well with the new doorbell but my older cameras are more often than not showing offline or 'unstable network' even though they are next to the router. Firmware up to date and have tried rebooting and turning off and on again. I'm guess an issue with the new app and older camera connectivity? 

The first thing I have to say is 

I hoped you integrate the "Draw over other app" function, as I was suggesting some month ago.


It would be really useful for people taking care of old people or baby. 


Using other mobile app while, 

still looking the camera




Many thanks

The Tapo app cannot rotate (iPad)

Tha Kasa hub KH100 does not appear among the selectable devices nor the Kasa thermostatic valves (KE100 kit and single sensors KE100)


Anyway I prefer the new app to the old one!

Main Screen

All devices

  • In my opinion Kasa app main screen showing all devices is clearer. The reason is there is a device per row, the button is big and clearly marked as enabled or disabled. So button and icon are clearly differentiable. On the Tapo app, There are two items per row, that makes it visually more difficult to find what you are looking for. Also the icons and the buttons are similar so sometimes you have to spend few milliseconds to adjust where you are going to press. In the Kasa app you could do things faster because it was more mechanic. In my opinion. i prefer to have a longer list but clearer, than a packed list where i have t to spend some milliseconds every time to think if that is a button or an icon. 

EDIT: I found out this can be changed using LIST VIEW. So this is awesome now!

  • Rooms from Kasa app have are not visible in Tapo app.




Shortcuts are also too big. On Kasa app the icon is big and the text is small, which allows you, again, once you are used to, find the right icon. In case of Tapo app, you only have few shorcuts at the top and to see more you have to change the screen



  • When you push a button to move the camera there is more lag than in Kasa app
  • Kasa app pan/tilt button is sensitive,  so the further you move the controll it from the center, the faster it goes. Tapo app has only one speed and there is no visual feedback from the circle inside.
  • Access to scenes is very slow. In Kasa app you have the scenes o the top so you can clidk them right away. With tapo app, you have to push pan/tilt button, then the scenes take a wile (2s) to load (they should be preloaded in the app to go faster), and then you can select them. Note the 4th scene is cut in half.


Playback and Download

  • Playback and download is way worse in Tapo app. In Kasa you have colors on the bar matchin the list of activity. In tapo app there is no colors on the list of activity to match with the timeline. Instead, tapo app uses a weird set of icons of a still man and man running that are difficult to understand. I strongly suggest to use the colors
  • Playbac and download timeline color set and wicth looks better done in Kasa app than in tapo. In tapo the colors are weird and the lines in timeline are too thin so it is diffuclt get an idea of what happened. I think the color schema you were using before was easier to understand
  • Playback and download time bar in Kasa is way more visible, also easier to use. In Tapo app is difficult to zoom in. When you try to zoom in, sometimes it gets zoomed out and your pointer moves minutes away. Maybe you can gett that fixed or maybe you can use separate buttons to zoom in and out.
  • One good thing Kasa app was not doing is that in Tapo App, when you select an bar from the timeline, the list of activity below is moved to. With Kasa app, timeline and list became unsyched, so once you had move your cursor in the timeline, you lose access to the proper scene below.




Implement dark mode please

Hopefully I get to Beta test this

Sötét mód nagyon hiányzik!



To retrieve the official Tapo APP, search Tapo in the App Store and download it directly. Or uninstall the beta APP, and search Tapo in the APP store to install it. 

Smart Action 2.0 Explore and meet the next level home automation.

@ricoz @Chris_knilpt 


To submit a product problem feedback, please go to Tapo APP--Me--Beta Test--Help& Feedback, click the Feedback at the bottom.


Attach the system and APP log on the feedback and the technical team will look into the problem you reported. 

Smart Action 2.0 Explore and meet the next level home automation.

@Wayne-TP I did try this but it just kept reinstalling the beta version.

Could you introduce all the consume plugs in one page please