Let's Discuss! What Can You Do with Home Automation?

Let's Discuss! What Can You Do with Home Automation?


Hello smart home enthusiasts! Do you have a uniquely designed automation setup with clever touches? Is there a smart home configuration that you use daily, changing your habits and enhancing your lifestyle?

Let's share your product setups and setup tricks – it could potentially be a game-changer for others!


For those newcomers eager to explore the world of smart homes, this is an article you won't want to miss. Interested in what home automation can achieve? Join our discussion and step into a world of unprecedented smart living.





Whether it involves the interaction between TP-Link products or the seamless collaboration between other brand devices and your Tapo/Kasa gadgets, let's showcase your ingenuity! Even a seemingly straightforward configuration might hold the key someone else has been searching for.




Are you ready to share your tips and tricks? Click on the product category below, navigate to the corresponding product line section, and create a new discussion thread for your smart home setup!


Make sure to select #My Home Automation tag when posting!


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Tapo Smart Plug | Kasa Smart Plug

Tapo Smart Lighting | Kasa Smart Lighting

Tapo Smart Switch | Kasa Smart Switch

Tapo Smart Hubs | Kasa Thermostat

Tapo Smart Sensors

Tapo Robot Vacuums



Tips: To ensure your content is more valuable and reference-friendly for other users (making it easy for them to implement), you can use the template provided below when posting. 

Smart Home Setup Share - [Product Line]

Scenario Overview

Briefly describe your smart home scenario, for example, "Automated morning wake-up with bedroom lights gradually on and coffee machine startup."

Required Devices

List the devices you're using, e.g., "Tapo Smart Light Bulbs, Tapo Smart Plug (coffee machine)."

Product/App Hardware and Software Requirements (Optional)
Ensure you list the models and software versions required for the devices. especially when a specific product feature isn't available on other models or software versions.

Step-by-Step Setup
Create a Tapo automation with the following rules:


07:00 Every weekday



- Turn On Bedroom lights

- Turn On Coffee machine


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Hi. Recenty I purchased Tapo Cameras, switches, bulbs, sensors and connected with Alexa. Let say, everything except three main lights ( kitchen, living and dinning room) wich are Eglo smart product controled over zigbee protocol. 


I cant fully control automation tapo devices because in Alexa rutines tapo switches and bulbs are not listed under action "when".  They are only listed under "Alexa Will". 


Why, under alexa "when" action I can see listed only Tapo cameras, motion, door and leak sensors but switches and bulbs are not listed?