Geofencing: Automations with Your Location

What is TP-Link Tapo/Kasa Geofencing feature?

TP-Link Geofencing in Smart Home line is a location-based service that creates a virtual boundary around a specific geographic area. When a mobile device enters or exits this virtual boundary, it triggers a pre-defined action or event.

It is now easier than ever to save energy by turning off appliances and lights when you leave or make your home more welcoming by turning on lights as you come home after work. Let TP-Link Geofencing feature brings your smart home life to the next level!

As this feature is currently in BETA, we welcome all feedback regarding the feature's use, behaviors, or even simply how you are using the feature in your smart home. If your location does not seem to work correctly, please follow the steps outlined in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.



What Can You Do With Geofencing?

In the Tapo/Kasa App, you can use Geofencing as the Automation Trigger event. When you leave or arrive at the set location, it will trigger the execution of the automation actions. 


"When I arrive home, Turn on lighting, Turn on heater, and Disable security alarms."


"When Johnny leave home, if the coffee machine is On, Send notifications to my phone and sound alarm in the house."



Supported Action Skill in Tapo/Kasa Automation

  1. Run a Scene/Shortcut
  2. Enable/Disable Automation
  3. Control Smart Devices
  4. <Tapo> Send Me Notifications
  5. <Tapo> Delay: Set a delay between two actions



Setup Guidance


For Kasa App User


For Tapo App User





Smart Action (Automation/Shortcut) Doesn't Take Effect


Q & A


Q1. Why my actual location is Wrong/Unavailable/Delay on the map of the "Choose Location" page when adding a Smart Action entry?
A. Please refer to the suggestions of Q3 in the "General Questions about Kasa Geofencing" to troubleshoot.


Q2. What should I do if my Geofencing Smart Action entries stop working?
A. Please refer to the suggestions of Q4 in the "General Questions about Kasa Geofencing" to troubleshoot.


Q3. Can I set multiple mobile devices as the trigger device for the same geofencing rule?
A. Yes. This is possible with the following configurations.

  1. Logging with the same TP-Link account.  
  2. On each mobile device, re-edit the geofencing rule to enable the current mobile device as the trigger device: Tap on the existing trigger rule, toggle "This Phone/Tablet". 


Q4.  Will Tapo/Kasa Geofencing invade my data security and privacy?
A. You have nothing to worry about. We care about your data security and privacy. Tapo/Kasa will not keep track of your geographic location, but will only send basic notification information to execute your Smart Actions when you arrive or leave home. We will not store any events you report nor share them with any third parties.
You can find more details on:
Privacy Policy for Kasa

Tapo Privacy Policy

Q5. Is it necessary to keep the Tapo/Kasa App running for Geofencing Smart Action(SA) to work?    

  • If the app is running in the background, SA will still take effect.
  • If you exit the app and kill the background process, SA will still take effect.
  • If you uninstall the App, SA will not take effect.
  • If your App disconnects from the Internet, SA will not take effect.


Q6. What is the range of Effective Radius?
A. You could choose an Effective Radius from 100m(328 ft) to 2000m(1.24 mile).


Q7. Is the phone/tablet used to determine the location based on GPS only or both GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi?
A. The location service relies only on the GPS service.


Please refer to the following FAQ if you have more questions about the Kasa Geofencing feature.
General Questions about Kasa Geofencing feature.



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I've tried to get the geofence to work and am not having much success.  I've set it up to run a scene when I get home late, between 10:35 pm and 11:45pm.  I've followed all the instructions above and checked my settings multiple times.  The geofence appears to be on and working and my phone is set to have Kasa locations always enabled.  I've even set up a test with another smart automation that doesn't have a time limit added to it which didn't work either.  The only other thing I've found is when I look at my Kasa history it shows the time-based automation worked a couple of times but outside the hours that I set.  I'm running Kasa on an iPhone 12. Any ideas, anyone?

@Wlgef  You may check if your kasa devices and the phone all have the correct time or not.