Meet Brand-New Tapo 3.0 App

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Meet Brand-New Tapo 3.0 App


As a milestone in the development of TP-Link Tapo, we’re excited to introduce you to the new Tapo APP 3.0!

Kasa integration You can now add and control your Kasa devices in the Tapo APP! 

Brand-new UI designs New theme color and Home page optimization are ready for you to experience.


Better-looking  The brand-new UI brings a fresh visual experience


The new theme color was selected to enhance visual comfort. The new status page shows the same color as the light strip.




More ease of use. Optimized features and layout are more user-friendly.


Home Page Optimization

  • Room management Placed on the Home page now; it’s easier to find.
  • Categories integration Devices of the same categories are aggregated together. You can also reorder these categories.
  • Card design Freely switch between list review and grid view.


Status Page Optimization

The layout is optimized with a more reasonable division of functional areas.


More compatible. It supports the management of Kasa devices in the Tapo app.



Binding Add and bind Kasa devices in the Tapo app.

Control Check and control Kasa devices on the Home page of the Tapo app.

Interconnectivity Easily synchronize Kasa devices to Tapo App through quick authorization.


FAQ General questions about linking Kasa devices to Tapo App





What else does Tapo 3.0 bring to Kasa users?

Multiview (camera)

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple camera feeds for a comprehensive view.

Home/Away Mode (camera)

Adjusting camera settings to align with your presence at home or when you're away.



Activity Center (camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras


(Kasa Lighting)




What's new for Tapo users?

Android Widget

Device Quick Control, Device Status, Shortcut, Camera, Robot Vacuum

Group Control

Sunrise/Sunset for Smart Action

More Flexible! Sunrise, Sunset, and Sunrise/Sunset Offset are now available as an option for Effective time in Automation

Camera Privacy Mode Quick Control

Activity Center (camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras



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Is there dark mode?

Hey, i applied last week but did not get any email.

@Wayne-TP Any issues with my application?

@SoLdieR9323 Your community user ID SoLdieR9323 is not listed in the application list. Your community user ID SoLdieR9323 is not listed in the application list. Ensure you have entered the correct contact email address and community user ID (your nickname) while submitting the application. 


Your community user ID can help us to locate your application. If you were using another community account to submit the application, please log in with that account and send a feedback here.

Smart Action 2.0 Explore and meet the next level home automation.

@Wayne-TP isnt the ID my email to login here? Because i only have my email and this username. No other IDs.


edit: changed my name in the application to my Community Nickname. And i applied again with these informations.

Kan ich es Download, wie kann Ich es verbessern sicher machen

@Wayne-TP nothing new?



I'm enjoying the app improvements so far. I have not encountered any bugs or issues yet, but will report if they arise.



Is version 3.0.040 still the latest beta?


1. The app tells me that there is an update for my H100 Hub, but when choosing to update, it stays at 0% download, nothing happens.


2. Would like an improvement to the quality of the recordings (higher bitrate). The bitrate is to low and it's clearly visible on playback.

Soo, an option to choose the bitrate for the recordings is my top priority.


Other than that, there is an overall improvement to the stabilty and speed of the app. But needs still some tweaks to get it done.


Best Regards


I think i won't be in until the public release is out. I applied already three times, never got any reply.

Using the Android beta apk file on windows so i can test the app, but i'm not able to test on ios because i would need a testflight invite.