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By Tescophil Yesterday

ACL's what an I doing wrong

So, I wanted to create a simple rule to block outgoing port 53 dns traffic from my network. 1. I created a group for DNS requests 2. I then created a Gateway ACL rule to deny access LAN->WAN for all a
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By EricPerl 2024-04-16 00:30:05

How useful is a Management VLAN if all clients are out of the default/native LAN?

After a failed attempt at moving all devices into a Management VLAN (a while back), I was up for giving it another try. I reread some of the docs, browsed the forums about this matter. Beyond the effo
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By Tescophil 2024-04-05 16:08:34

DNS requests from EAP225 (BUG / Misuse)

Since the installation of the latest firmware 5.1.6 all my EAP225 AP's are making A and AAAA DNS requests for the domain eap225 What exactly is the point of this? I don't have a local network host cal
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By Tescophil 2024-03-05 10:59:57

BUG: Incorrect IP addresses in the client list

This has been going on for YEARS now..., incorrect IP addresses listed for clients in the client list. I have: All my DHCP assignments are static leases 1) Duplicate IP addresses for different clients
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By BigBillSD 2024-02-02 19:58:47

Moved my Controller to a new VLAN and now all my switches are showing "Disconnected"

Im on the current software controller. I moved the pc that the has the software controller on it to the same VLAN that i had moved all my Cameras too as that PC was also the BlueIris Machine for recor
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By lukass2000 2024-01-29 16:36:45

PiHole - Omada-SDN does not use the IP of the Raspberry

Hello, Would like to add a Raspberry Pi with PiHole to my Omada SDN. I have now entered the IP of the Raspberry as the primary DNS and the cloudflare DNS server as secondary. If I remove the Cloudflar