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By SteveWex 2024-05-10 15:42:23

Connecting an X50-Outdoor Deco to indoor network - Frustration!

Several months ago, I fitted an X50-Outdoor Deco to my wifi system (3 x X55 and 3 x M5). Due to the Weak signal (not surprising as my house is highly insulated with foiled plasterboard and cavity insu
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By Jsectp 2024-04-19 09:31:43

Losing connection frequently

Hi, So while working more from home lately I started to realize that I was losing connection constantly for a couple of seconds at a time. After noticing this it also explained the instability while g
Forums/ Deco
By SteveWex 2024-03-10 10:45:45

Outdoor Deco Powerline Connection Direction

Keeping this as simple as possible..... I have an X50-Outdoor (mounted to a pole on the back of my garage) connected via a PoE160S injector. In turn that is plugged in to a TL-PA7017P powerline adapte