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By Co0LD0wN 2021-11-07 05:13:58


what happened to my tapo? i can't format my sd card even tho it's brandnew.. the first problem is my old regular sd card (SanDisk) is full.. when im trying to format it.. it won't format via tapo app.
Forums/ Feature Requests
By NHJ 2022-04-25 11:40:24

Tapo P105 power outage

Hello, After a power outage, the tapo P105 doesn't come back to on or last state, it simply stays off... I see this feature has been added to the P100 and P110 model. Is it possible to receive that mu
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By Gurky 2022-06-28 15:51:11

C200 VLC

Hi all I got a replacement C200 from TP-Link and am now unable to view it on VLC? I use rtsp://******:*****@ and can't view it. Confirmed port 554 is open on about 20 differen
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By deKay 2022-03-03 19:02:17

Set IP address on Tapo C110

How do I change the IP address on this? I can't find the option.
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By Bica 2022-06-23 14:42:13

False Detection Recordings and Alerts

Hey, I'm trying the performance of C310 V1 FW 1.1.12 pointing to a street. I'm getting a lot of false alerts and recordings, wasting sd memory space with no relevant recording. What I tried: 1) Changi
Forums/ Range Extenders
By Solla-topee 2021-07-02 02:49:08

How to place your wireless Range Extender for optimal reception and performance

Placing Tips 1. Distance For the case that we almost got no obstacle and the Router’s signal is still good at 40 feet (like still supplying speed like 100Mbps in 5G or 50Mbps in 2.4G there), it’s reco