Can I use my old router as an extender

Can I use my old router as an extender
Can I use my old router as an extender
2017-12-05 09:55:14
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Bought the C7 v4. I have the v1 & its a good few years old but still working. Wondered how to set it up as an extender rather than just trash it. It would just be so it was put to use instead of trashing it - I have good coverage without an extender.
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2017-12-08 04:07:41
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2019-08-01 02:01:21

In FAQ 227 about changing a router to an extender, there seems to be some missing information.

1. Once the old (extender) router is reconfigured, is it blindly passing through all communications to the host router?  There is no mention of setting a password and step 3 says set the SSID to anything.  That is, the extender SSID doesn't need to be the same as the host router SSID?  See also step 6.

2. In step 2, there is a password field, but no mention of entering anything.  Should this be the host admin password?  Surely I need admin permission at the host to add the extender?

3, In step 4, all the example hosts shown have security OFF.  That cannot be normal.  All the security settings in my survey are ON. Since my host router security settings are on, does that make a difference in questions 1 & 2?

4. Step 8  What happens if there is a collision between the IP Address I select for the extender and one already in use at the host router?  The faq must be assuming that everything other than the extender is using DHCP and so rebooting the host will "fix" the problem.

5. Based on faq 227, the extender configuration has only the default (not secure) admin user id and password.  I can't leave a router in my network unsecured.  

I have tried following faq 227 several times, taking different guesses to answer above, with no success.






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2019-08-02 15:31:37

1. step 4 is the network name of the router (extender), step 2 is when you are telling the router (extender) what router to extend or connect to. The network name on the router (extender) does not need to be the same as the router selected.

2. It is greyed out because no wireless network was selected. Once you hit Search, and choose a network, then the key type will change dpending on what network you selected.

3. It is not normal. The screenshot is only a example, but normally all networks of other uses (neighbors) will be secured. No difference when setting up WDS.

4. The router (extender) will not have any internet access if there is a IP conflict nor will devices be able to communicate connecting to the router (extender). It is recommended to find the range of IP address your router gives out and then assign an IP to the router (extender) that is outside of that range.

5. The FAQ is only a example, you can change your router credentials to what ever you like.

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2019-08-02 19:27:58
Thanks, Tony. You said "2. It is greyed out because no wireless network was selected. Once you hit Search, and choose a network, then the key type will change dpending on what network you selected." So the answer is YES, once the network is selected (and key type known) and the field is no longer greyed out, I need to enter the host router admin password? (or the user password for that SSID?) Should I change the router (extender) admin ID & password before I start configuration? (and reboot). I tried using internet address for the router (extender), but it did not seem to be reachable after the config reboot. (in fact, I could not connect to it at any address and had to reset)
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2019-08-02 19:54:38



The password it is referring to is the wireless password you would normally use to connect to the router, the login credentials for the router itself are never used for WDS setup.


You could change the router (extender) username and password if you would like, it up to you.


You need to double check the IP settings of the router (main) to make sure the correct IP is being used, if you were trying to use the password of the router login, then that is probably why nothing was working.

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2019-08-16 00:32:51

Resetting an old router to use as a WiFi extender.


The following is based on FAQ 227 with additions for wifi security.


In the following instructions:

extender = old router that you want to use to extend your wifi network.

host router = the router for the wifi network (SSID) that you want to extend.


Step 0 - Reset the extender / old router if desired.


If yourextender is a previously used router, you may want to use the reset button to return it to factory settings. To do that, plug it in and hold the reset button down for about 20 seconds. The admin user id & password should then be admin & admin.


Step 1 – Find the range of DHCP addresses on your host router.

Login to as administrator to your host router. Navigate to Wirekess and then DHCP. Find the DHCP address pool. It will probably be something like – This is the range of local addresses that your host router assigns to devices in your wifi network using DHCP. Write down the range.


Step 2 – Prepare the extender.

Establish adminstrative access to the extender (old router) for future use.

Disconnect your pc from the host wifi to avoid confilicts in this step . You may want to connect to the extender by Ethernet cable to avoid conflicts.

Connect to your extender as administrator (see Step 0) by entering (or in your browser address line and provide the admin user id and password.


Step 2a

Go to the LAN menu and find the IP address for the extender. Change the number to something between and the lower number in the host router DHCP pool (see Step 1).

For instance, if your DHCP address pool (see Step 1) is –, you might change your extender IP address to (the last number can be anything greater than 1 and less than 100 in the example).

Remember this number & write it down. This is now the admin address of your extender.




If the Save causes the extender to reboot, you will need to login as administrator to the new address instead of


Step 2b

If you reset the extender, go to the System menu and change the adminstrator userid and password, SAVE, and REBOOT. Make a secure record of the new adminstrator userid and password.


Login to the extender again using the new address from Step 2a and the new userid and password from Step 2b.


Step 3a. Under Wireless or WiFi, go to wireless settings and check the box for ENABLE WDS


Step 3b. Now click on survey/scan (same menu page). A list with all the available wifi net works will pop up.

Click on the connect button corresponding to the host network (SSID) you want to extend


Note the channel­ number for that SSID in the survey and write it down.


Step 3c While still in the Wireless menu enter the normal user wifi password for the host network (SSID) and check to see that the channel is same as of the host router. If not, manually change it using the drop down list to the channel number you've noted above in step 4, instead of auto.

(Your router may automatically look up the channel number and insert it, but even if it does, check it to make sure.)




Step 3d. Navigate to DHCP and select disable.



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2019-08-16 19:58:20



Step 2b is referring to changing the login name and password. This is more of a security precaution. You can leave the extender to be admin/admin or make it different. That does not prevent WDS from working, only so that you will be able to log into the extender if needed.