AP300 in Multi-SSID Mode Problem

AP300 in Multi-SSID Mode Problem
AP300 in Multi-SSID Mode Problem
2018-10-21 09:12:54
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Hello all. I recently purchased an AP300 in search of a way to segregate my network with VLANs. So, I previously I had a Linksys WRT3200ACM wireless router working fine as it was, but I waned to keep my security cameras separate from the rest of my network. What I did was add the AP300 and a ZyXEL GS122 Managed Switch. I can get everything working, at least talk to each other, when I have the AP300 in Access Point mode and on 1 VLAN. Once I change it to Multi-SSID mode, I can't seem to get things to work. I have my Router as the DHCP server, put my AP300 and my switch on a static IP, and have all my Default Gateways pointed to my router. As for my router, I left everything the same, and just shut off the radio.

On the switch, I set up 1 VLAN with all ports untagged, and everything talks (with the AP300 in Access Point mode). When I create a second VLAN while the AP300 is in multi-SSID mode, I put the port going to the router as VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 and Untagged, I have the second port going to the AP300 as VLAN 1 and2 Tagged, and ports 3-7 untagged on VLAN 1 with Port 8 Untagged on VLAN 2.

Anyone have any idea if I have anything set incorrectly?

Thanks in advance,