Recover E Mail Question

Recover E Mail Question
Recover E Mail Question
2019-03-07 13:27:14
Model: Archer C7
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 1.0.7

Good Day To All!


I bought an Archer C7 AC1750 and am having trouble with the Password Recover E Mail set up. Each time I set it up and push the Test button, I get a "Failed" message.


I wrote Tech Support and the person asked for screen shots of my e-mail settings. The final reply (after scolding me for losing my password- which I did not lose) was:


"...our router does not TLS/SSL data encryption, which are used by mainstream emails

So we can not use Gmail to recover the email, and do not have other emails to recommend,"



I did try one of my e-mails that does not use TLS/SSL and it, too, did not work. I'd imagine that it must be possible to set this somehow, or it would not be in the settings.


I am interested if any of you have set this up successfully and have any tips or suggestions.


Thanks For your Advice & Enjoy Today! 







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Re:Recover E Mail Question
2019-03-07 17:26:03





First and formost support should not be scolding anyone,  We are here to assist not to condone.  Second after reviewing and testing with a with a similar device locally we were able to replicate the issue.  We will be sending this up to our system engieers to get a better understanding of what is causing this and if anything can be done as a work around.  If your router has for TP-Link Cloud, We highly recommend setting it up.  Once you do you will use your cloud account to access the router.  It also adds the benefit of OTA FW updates and remote access via our Tether companion app.  Lastly please send me a direct message with any information you may have about the agent you worked with I would like to see that case and determine if any misinformation was given 



Thank you 

Re:Re:Recover E Mail Question
2019-03-07 23:02:37

Thank You Carl for taking time to reply.

I apologize for my delayed reply. For some reason, I am not getting e-mail notifications of replies. I saw your reply while here looking for something else. (I have 5 problems with the router that I'm trying to figure out- so I'm here often.)


Here's something I tried for Recovery E Mail-

I used a non-google e-mail adderess as the sender. It still uses TLS/SSL, despite what the technician e-mail told me. This one worked. I received the test e-mails.

Then I went back to a google address & could not send the test message. I tried a second google e-mail & it could not send the test message either. 

So, I put it back to the non-goolge and it sent the test message- despite being TLS/SSL.



I studied about the Cloud and signed up. I still do not fully understand TP Link Cloud it is all about. I'll study more after I get the router working properly.

 I don't know what the term "OTA FW updates" means, but if that means firmware updates will go automatically to the router, this would be great. (I'm old & not too educated with computers & the terms & language- but trying!)


I don't understand what you mentioned about accessing the router with the TP-Link Cloud.

Will I no longer be able to manage the router with the computer by logging it at ) or


I aboslutely don't want anyone to be able to use an app to access the router, but we're discussing keeping people out of the router settings in another thread.


Per your request, I will send you a direct message with the transcript of the technical support reply. (Assuming I can figure out how to send a direct message. I'll try!)


Thanks Again For Helping! I sure appreciate it!


Re:Re:Re:Recover E Mail Question
2019-03-11 17:58:51






I'll clear a bit of this up for you. 


1.  Password recovery.  Yes right now emails using TTL/SSL cannot be used.  They are working on adding this but it is kinda a low priority so in the interem i have asked for a disclaimer to be added unitl its there. 


2.  Cloud  For the cloud it refers to a few things first OTA (over the air) firmware.  These firmware files will be stored on a cloud server and you will be notified when you log into the router that an update is available.  Then you just click a button to update your router.  No more downloading unpacking and installing a file manually, although you still have that option if you want it. 


3.  Router Access.  The cloud account allows you to use our Tether app to remote access your router and make basic changes or block devices.  Both your router and the App have to be connected to the same cloud account to be able to do this.  Its a quicker way of doing remote access without needing to set up port and access requirements.  You can still access the router locally through the LAN Gateway or the private URL


4.  App restrictions.  The App can only access a router in 2 situatatoins 1.  if the phone or device running the app is on the local network and connected to said router.  2.  If both the router and the app are signed into your TP-Link ID.  The router is everybit as secured as it normally would be.  


5.  I'll review the information you provided and respond in kind if need be.



Let me know if you have other questions 



Re:Re:Re:Re:Recover E Mail Question
2019-03-16 13:47:55

Thank You Carl for your very helpful explanations.

I appreciate the time you are taking to educate no only me, but others who know little of these topics (and get confused reading the technical documents).


Thank You Again & I Hope You Enjoy Today!