AV1000 Power Line Range Extender

AV1000 Power Line Range Extender
AV1000 Power Line Range Extender
2019-07-06 20:12:55
Hardware Version: V7
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I'm trying to help my dad (old non-computer dude) set up his AV1000 powerline range extender. He plugged the Ethernet cable into the back of the router, connected it to the base (Extender) right next to the router, copied the router settings using WPS, then paired the adapter using the PAIR button in the same room as all the other stuff. 


All the lights on the adapter were on, indicating it's paired with the extender and working fine.


THen he took the adapter to another room in the house and plugged it in, and for about 2 minutes the "paired" light was on, solid, not blinking, which I think means it's paired with the base extender. Then the house-shaped light started blinking. Does this mean it's no longer paired with the extender? Why would that happen and what can be done about it?


His iPad is showing him connected to his router, but I don't know how he can tell if it's getting the signal from the remote adapter or getting a substantially weaker signal from the upstairs router. When his iPad loses the router signal, it switches to his Verizon data plan and he's spending a lot of money on data thinking he's still on wifi when he's not.


I told him one way to check is to plug his laptop into the adapter and try connecting to the internet with a laptop via ethernet with the wifi turned off.


But if the house-shaped light is blinking, does that mean it's not connected to the base?


Thanks in advance for your help



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Re:AV1000 Power Line Range Extender
2019-07-08 19:40:15



If the powerline light is on (house icon) then that should be fine. If the LED was off then that is a major problem.


By hidding the WPS button, the wireless adapter essentially copied the same name of the existing wireless network. It is convienant that you only connect to one network, but the drawback is what you mentioned, you do not really know which device you are connecting to.


What I would recommend doing is to change the wireless network of the powerline adapter. To do that, use your smart phone, download the tpPLC app. Connect to the wireless network, and the app should find the adapters. Choose the wireless adapter, and there you can edit the name.


I would recommend putting -ext for example: mywifi-ext


That way your Dad will see two network, and can choose which ever one is closest.


With respect to the iPad you can look at putting the device on Airplane Mode. That will prevent any cellular commuincation, but you can then re-enable Wi-Fi so the device will only use a Wi-Fi connection, and not be able to switch over to the data plan. I do that with my cell phone (Android), but it might be best to call Apple Support to run that by them to see if that might work or may cause any issues.