WiFi Drop issues Archer C2300

WiFi Drop issues Archer C2300
WiFi Drop issues Archer C2300
2019-08-13 15:07:42
Model: Archer A2300
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

Recently we had a major power outage in my city due to a transformer failure (Took out 12000 homes).

After the outage it messed up my Spectrum Modem (3 years old) and had to be replaced.


The issue now is that on my Cell phone (S8+) and My son's (Moto G5+) that the WiFi keeps dropping.


Works fine for my Laptop and my son's Macbook Pro also fine for X-box and Playstation.


I checked for updates and it says "Up to date" 


Any thoughts on how to get the WiFi to work properly again for our cell phones, sucks using my Data on my phone at home not WiFi



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Re:WiFi Drop issues Archer C2300
2019-08-13 19:32:37



If some devices work fine, then at least the router was not affected by the powre outage.


What you could try to do is to forget the wireless network on both mobile devices and reconnect.


Aside from the router, connect those devices to other wireless networks to see if the drops still happen to see if the problem follows the mobile devices.


5GHz will not be able to reach as far compared to the 2.4GHz so if both devices have been on the 5GHz, switch to 2.4GHz.