Deco X20

Deco X20
Deco X20
2020-12-13 11:57:54
Model: Deco X20
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:


i just bought my self a new Deco X20

My house is one flat about 130 Square metre, Internet speed from the ISP is 1000Mbps.

I put the three of them In a very close location to each other.

Fo some reason when I do a speed test over the wifi of the pc that supports up to 9650Mbps I get top 120Mbps.

I tried speed test with the app and I get 900 which Is great.

The 2nd unit is the unit I guess I'm connected to and its about 5 meters away from the main unit.

I really don't get why I don't recive the full speed.

Pleaes help me out guys.


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Re:Deco X20
2020-12-15 17:43:31



Try unplugging the other two satellite units, and disabling the 2.4G to test the main unit on 5G to see what performance you get that way.


While all nodes are on, if you were to go in the app, then tap on the globe icon, and the Deco nodes, it should show what devices are connected to the Deco node.


Test the wireless speed with other wireless devices as well to make sure the one being used is not the bottleneck.