New Router tp-link AC1750

New Router tp-link AC1750
New Router tp-link AC1750
2021-03-14 01:52:37 - last edited 2021-03-14 07:04:14

I just bought a router TP Link Archer ac1750 I just installed it. I have internet but the thing is this router is for a house that is 2500sq.ft that's the reason I bought it. My old router didn't reach my full House and I bought this one because it would. It does not reach most of our rooms and we don't have internet in most rooms that's why I purchased this because I thought this would fix it. Is there something I missed in setting up this router is there a way to fix this without buying any extenders or other devices? Will this router even work for all my rooms to get internet my house is $2000 sq ft

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Re:New Router tp-link AC1750
2021-03-14 14:30:49



Every house/home is different so the router home size is just a general indication of what it can cover.


Many things affect coverage. Some things to do or consider.

  • The 2.4 GHz band will get more distance but the 5 GHz band will be faster
  • Location is important. Should be in a central location.
  • The direction the router faces, the height, the direction of the antennas, moving it several feet can make a big difference.
  • WIFI is obstructed by many things such as walls, fireplaces, metal in walls, electrical wires, floors, ...
  • WIFI signals are affected by other WIFI and by many other types of devices such as cordless phones, microwaves, weather stations, wireless cameras, ...
  • Give the router some space around it for both heat disbursements and signal improvement (for example, do not hide it in a bookcase or closet)
  • Metal near the router such as an appliance can cause directional issues.
  • Sometimes using specific WIFI channels and band widths helps.
  • Some router have replaceable antennas which reported to help but not sure as I have not tried them.


I have a smaller house and because of the design, I use an extender to cover a problem area to get a strong reliable connection. However, I have many devices that are a farther distance away that do not have any issues connected to the router. Moving my router about six feet more to the center of the house made a big difference in my coverage. 


Although a router with the extender work for me when it becomes time to replace my router, I plan to consider a MESH system as it is designed to handle large and/or complicated designed areas.