Separate SSID

Separate SSID
Separate SSID
2022-04-07 13:22:54
Model: TL-WA801ND
Hardware Version: V6
Firmware Version:

Hi to all from the UK


I am hoping the forum can help me with a configuration issue.


Current Environment:

Fairly basic home setup, cable to the house then cable router/hub broadcasting a WiFi signal (Lets call the SSID = Adults)



To use the Access Point to connect via WiFi to the primary hub, then broadcast its own WiFi signal with a different SSID (say Children)


I guess you can guess where I coming from here, I want to be able to provide a WiFi signal my kids can use in their bedrooms and a separate WiFi signal for the adults downstairs


Looking at the manual there is the option to set up multiple SSID's on the Access Point but the methodology says the Router and Access Point have to be connected via an Ethernet cable which is impractical in my case.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions 


Les W