Mac Driver Install/Privacy

Mac Driver Install/Privacy
Mac Driver Install/Privacy
2022-06-15 18:31:37 - last edited 2022-06-15 18:34:27
Hardware Version: V20
Firmware Version: Have no idea



Trying to install the Dual Band USB driver for the AC600 on a MacPro. Getting the normal warning from Apple as far as not being approved vendor...


How can that be with all the products this company sells for Mac??


While installing the driver it asked me to agree to the license. I clicked "read" but it did nothing.


I decided to install anyways, but then got more warnings from apple that it was trying to install something else that again I needed to approve.


I backed out of the install.


I'm a Mac/tech guy and know how/when to install products not approved by Apple. But this seemed a little odd.


With all the cyper tracking going on, I'm very cautious about what communication type products I install on my computer/home. Do not blindly trust anyone let alone a foreign company.


Note too that I just installed their wifi 6 rounter first. The tether app asked me to "agree" as well to a license to create an account. I did. It said I could backout of the sharing portion later.


I can't find where to do that.


Anyone have any ideas? I would like to see what is being shared.


Thanks for your help!