Using (2) TP-Link Archer T6E adapters in the same PC

Using (2) TP-Link Archer T6E adapters in the same PC
Using (2) TP-Link Archer T6E adapters in the same PC
2017-02-18 21:14:30
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Here's my current wireless setup.

Wireless Router: Linksys E6350
Wireless Range Extender: TP-Link AC750
Internal WLAN 1: TP-Link Archer T6E
External WLAN 2: TP-Link Archer T6E

The Wireless SSID is the same for both my wireless router and the wireless range extender.

Both WLAN cards are in the same PC; this is so I can connect to my internal wireless network with WLAN 1 and an external public hotspot with WLAN 2.

I used the TP-Link Wireless Connection Utility to create a profile for each adapter, linking it to the correct network. I did this with the Range Extender disconnected to ensure I was creating a profile to my router and not the extender (stronger signal for my PC), Both profiles are set to automatically connect.

When I first boot my Windows 10 Professional 64 desktop, WLAN 1 (internal network) connects almost immediately, after about 15-20 seconds, WLAN 2 (external network) connects to the public wireless network. After about 1 minute, WLAN 1 (internal network) drops the connection. If I manually reconnect WLAN 1 (internal network), it will stay connected. If I disable the WLAN 2 (public network) wireless adapter, WLAN 1 (private network) wireless adapter will automatically reconnect.

I need both wireless adapters to connect and stay connected to their wireless networks. Any advice?

The same behavior is shown regardless if the Range Extender is plugged in or not.